Friday, 12 June 2015

Test your news knowledge with this week's quiz

Last week's newsquiz must have been a little trickier than usual. The top individual score was 15, submitted by Chris Lennon and Damon Wake. They just pipped Sophie Jamieson on 14.5 and Alex Murphy on 13.5. The best team score was by Ailsa Leslie and Christopher Dean with 19 while the Batstones clocked up 'a rather woeful' 12. Here's this week's questions. As usual 25 points up for grabs. Let me know how you get on.

The Sun reports on the Bradford school stabbing (Question 16)
1. Which bill was passed in the Commons by a vote of 544 to 53 - a majority of 491? Bonus: Harriet Harman told David Cameron in the Commons: 'You won the election, you’re the Prime Minister. You don’t need to do ranting and sneering and _________. ‘ What is the missing word? Bonus: Another female politician, this time at the European Council summit in Brussels, accused Cameron of being ’irate, almost ill-mannered’. Name her.
2. Why was 23-year-old Eleanor Hawkins in the headlines?
3. George Osborne announced that the Government will be selling its stake in which company - even though it will be at a £7 billion loss? 

4. A poll of 220,000 people voted for the robin to be Britain's national bird ... but what came second? 
5. A boy called Hans, born in the German city of Bremen in 1929, went on to sell more than 100 million albums and win 17 platinum and 206 gold disc awards. Who is he?
6. Dick Costolo is stepping down as chief executive of which company?
7. Who compared himself to the Harry Potter character Lord Voldemort - 'the one everybody wants to pretend never lived’.?
8. John Prescott was banned from driving for how long after being caught doing 60mph in a 50mph zone in his Jaguar in Lincolnshire? Bonus: Who else was banned from driving this week - for speeding at 60mph in a 50mph zone on the A3 in Esher, Surrey?
9. Which company announced plans to reduce its staff globally by 10 percent, meaning 25,000 jobs could go including 8,000 in the UK? Bonus: Which High Street company announced it is cutting 700 jobs after its merger with the US chain Walgreens?
10. Who filed a lawsuit under his real name, Calvin Broadus Jr, claiming a contract he signed as a brand ambassador for the Pabst Brewing Company entitled him to 10 percent of its $700million sale price?
11. Slaven Bilic and Steve McClaren both landed management jobs at Premier League clubs. Name the clubs. Half point each.
12. His father was a colonel in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps and his mother, Contessa Estelle Marie Carandini di Sarzano, was a noted Edwardian beauty. Who is he?
13. What record did Italian Samantha Cristoforetti set?
14. Prince Harry unveiled the Bastion Memorial which bears the names of all 453 UK people who died in Afghanistan. Where is the memorial?
15. TV regulator Ofcom confirmed it received more than 1,100 complaints about what?
16. What was the name of the Bradford school where 50-year-old supply teacher Vincent Uzomah was stabbed?
17. England's cricketers set a national record at Edgbaston for the highest score in a One Day International. How many did they score? Bonus: A cricketer making the headlines this week played 79 test matches for England, scoring 4,099 runs, seven centuries and taking 256 dismissals. Who is he?
18. Who said Labour had suffered two electoral defeats in five years because 'the party has turned the page backwards rather than turning the page forwards’?
19. NestlĂ©’s attempt to trademark the shape of one of its products received a setback when the advocate general of the European Court of Justice ruled it was not distinctive enough. Which product?
20. Who sent a video message and the offer of concert tickets to Leah Washington after her left leg was amputated following a crash at Alton Towers?
Answers here

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