Saturday, 15 August 2015

Jessica wins the US newsquiz

I have enjoyed another good week with the trainees in New York. They have been writing stories for the website and had sessions with managing editor Andy Abrahams, photo director Jolie Novak and journalist Annabel Grossman. They also went for drinks with some of the senior staff. It was a particularly good week for trainee Clémence Michallon who gained her first byline for The first of many no doubt. She brought in and wrote a story on the dangers of politicians eating on the campaign trail. You can read it here 

As always we finished the week with the newsquiz. The trainees found it tougher this week so the scores were a little lower than last time. Well done to Jessica Chia who was top scorer with 12 out of 24. Let me know if you can do any better.

1. What is the name of the tech company that maintained Hillary Clinton's secret server? 
2. Fox News chief executive reportedly phoned Donald Trump with an ultimatum: 'Resolve this now or we can go to ____.' What is the missing word? 
Bonus: Name the CEO of  Fox News. 
3. Jeb Bush declined to rule out resuming what if he was elected as president?
4. Dozens of people were killed and hundreds injured after two huge blasts rocked a warehouse of explosives in which Chinese city?
5. Former US President Jimmy Carter has had cancer surgery on which part of his body? Bonus: How old is Jimmy Carter?
6. What are astronauts growing and eating on the International Space Station?
7. Why was 32-year-old Ian Jones in the headlines?
8. Who used Instagram to hit back at critics, saying: ‘You have no right to criticise me as a parent?’
9. A Jack Russell dog called Uggie died this week. Why was he famous?
10. According to the NOAA's Climate Prediction Center what is the chance (in percentage) that a strong El Niño will hit California this winter?
11. Where is Sesame Street going?
12. Whose $1.3 million home and Hummer is to be sold to meet the compensation claim brought by the family of the man he murdered?
13. Why was 29-year-old Jennifer Caswell in the headlines?
14. Google has a new parent company. What is it called?
15. Pictures have emerged of dentist Walter Palmer with a bear he shot in 2006 in which state? 
16. A man was killed when he was struck by a roller coaster at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park. What was the name of the ride?
17. Where is the PGA Championship being played?
18. Who is expected to be released next week after serving 304 days in jail? 
19. Bank of America Merrill Lynch reported that the US dominates the globe's market capitalisation with $19.7 trillion in shares. Which country is second with $3trillion?
20. Who gave birth to Poppy Louise and said the name was a tribute to her grandfather?
21. Secretary of State John Kerry attended a symbolic ceremony where the American flag was raised at the US embassy in Havana for the first time in how many years?
22. Who said: 'I'm probably never going to be the face of a traditional beauty company unless they want a weed-smoking, liberal-ass freak’?

Answers here

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