Saturday, 8 August 2015

Well done Kalhan, winner of US newsquiz

I am in New York this week, working with trainees. They have had a good week and enjoyed sessions with editor Katherine Thomson, managing editor Andy Abrahams, assistant editor Hugh Dougherty, deputy social media editor Chris Lawrence and reporters Sophie Jane Evans and Wills Robinson. We finished the week, as we do on all courses, with a newsquiz … to make sure the trainees immerse themselves in the news agenda. Well done to Kalhan Rosenblatt who won this week with a respectable 16 points out of 25. Give it a go - and let me know how you get on.

Editor Katherine Thomson (front centre) with the trainees

1.  It was the first GOP televised debate this week. What does GOP stand for? Bonus: Where did the debate take place? Bonus: During the debate who said 'They call me Veto Corleone... because I vetoed 2,500 separate line items in the budget'? Bonus: Debbie Wasserman Schultz said it doesn't really much matter who the Republicans nominate because they're all the same. They’re as interchangeable as … what?
2. Why was Kaiser Carlile in the headlines?
3. Which celebrity broke up with her long-standing partner, saying: 'Dating moi is like flying close to the sun. It was inevitable that (he) would drop down to the ground while I stayed in the heavens'?
4. What has been sent for analysis to a military base in Toulouse, France?
5. A ceremony was held at Hiroshima's memorial park to remember the 140,000 people who died when a uranium bomb was dropped on the city 70 years ago. What was the name of the US plane that dropped the bomb?
6. Who broke off his engagement via a text message?
7. Who did a Turkish bride and groom invite to eat with them at their wedding feast?
8. New York buildings with water cooling towers must disinfect the units due to an outbreak of what?
9. Why was New York taxi driver Baqir Raza fined $25,000?
10. Who, it was revealed, refused a demand for $30 million from the mother of his eldest daughter because he felt she was blackmailing him?
11. Australia has confirmed it sent 46 asylum seekers back to which country after intercepting their boat last month?
12. Who played the musical send-off to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show this week? Bonus: Who is replacing Stewart?
13.  Who is reported to have been Jennifer Aniston’s maid of honour at her wedding to Justin Theroux? Bonus: Where did the couple marry?
14.  Kim Jong-un has ordered what to mark North Korea's liberation from 'wicked Japanese imperialists'?
15.  Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick attended the opening of which musical on Broadway on Thursday?
16. Experts have warned of 90,000 immediate deaths and a 'nuclear winter' if what was to happen in North West America?
17. Anthony Costner and his 22-year-old wife, Catherine, were found shot dead in their car. Where?
18. A 29-year-old man was  shot by police armed in a Tennessee movie theatre which was screening which film?
19. Why is teenage tobacco heir Patterson Inman being sued by his personal bodyguard?
20. Doctors told a teenage couple in Claremont, California, that doing what helped them survive being hit by a lightning bolt?

Answers here

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