Friday, 18 December 2015

The newsquiz is back - test yourself

For the last four weeks the newsquiz has come from Sydney where I was working with Daily Mail Australia trainees. Hardly surprisingly, it proved too difficult for the usual quizzers. I got back on Saturday though, so this week's newsquiz is back to its UK-centric best. As usual there are 20 questions with five bonuses - so 25 points to be won. Let me know how you get on.

Science fact and science fiction on the Mirror's front page (Questions 1 and 8)
1. Tim Peake, the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, was launched into space on Soyuz capsule from which country?
Bonus: What rank does Tim Peake hold?
2. An Australian court ordered which UK brand to be taken off the shelves?
3. Many airlines, including BA, banned what from their planes?
4. Why was 15-year-old Nawaf Al-Tuwayan in the headlines?
5. Russian President Vladimir Putin said, there is a 'creeping Islamisation of Turkey' that would have who 'rolling in his grave’?
Bonus. Saudi Arabia has formed an alliance of how many Muslim nations to fight ISIS?
6. One of David Cameron’s demands at the EU summit in Brussels is to restrict EU migrants' access to in-work benefits such as tax credits for how many years?
7. With more than 15 million viewers, what was revealed as the most-watched UK TV show of the year so far?
8. Disney paid £24,000 to turn what into a lightsaber to mark the premiere of the film the Force Awakens?
Bonus: Carrie Fisher was accompanied by a French bulldog on the red carpet for the premiere of the film. What is the dog called?
Bonus: Where did Sian Welby make 12 references in 40 seconds to the Star Wars film?
9. What happened to Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy while campaigning in the city of Pontevedrahas?
10. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs issued alerts for most of England and Wales, warning that older people, asthma sufferers and those with breathing difficulties were at risk from what?
11. Who sang her partner's favourite song 'The Folks Who Live on the Hill’ at a funeral in County Cork?
12. Who did Russian President Vladimir Putin describe as 'a very flamboyant man, very talented’?
13. England were drawn in group B in the Euro 2016 draw along with Wales and which other two countries? Half a point each.
14. Who was released after serving only half of his prison sentence?
15. Former England goalkeeper Gordon Banks announced that he is suffering with cancer of what organ?
16. Centuries of deep coal mining in Britain will end with the closure of which North Yorkshire pit?
17. The Government announced it is to cut subsidies 
by 65 per cent to householders installing what?

18. Which company was ordered to pay £26million after it sent out inaccurate bills and failed to deal with complaints correctly?
19. How many of France’s regional governments did Marine Le Penn’s Front National take control of in the regional elections?
20. Why did Rita Orla apologise to Olly Murs after seeing X Factor footage?
Bonus: The X Factor finalists sang a cover of Forever Young. Who wrote it?

Answers here

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