Saturday, 5 December 2015

A splash, a banner and Holly wins the quiz

Max Margan's splash 
The trainees for Daily Mail Australia have now finished their third week. Well done to Max Margan who got the splash for his story on a white-collar worker on $100K-a-year who shoots heroin every day. It is the first time a trainee has written the splash while on the course. 

Millie Thwaites and Brianne Tolj are briefed in the newsroom
Millie and Brianne's story 
Millie Thwaites also had a good week - getting the banner after doing Christmas shopping research with senior reporter Brianne Tolj on Thursday night. Nic White was also published during the week with a story he brought in about how a man, who lost nine of his family, is being overwhelmed by Australian hospitality. 

Nic White's story 
That is eight trainee stories published during the course so far - two each for Nic and Millie. They have also been working on wire stories, pitching travel features, coming up with forward planning ideas and writing obituaries. Yesterday they had an excellent session on the realities of the job with assistant news-editor Euan Black. As always we finished the week with the news quiz, Well done again to Holly Pascoe who, with 13.5 points, won for the second week in a row. She will take some catching for the overall prize next week. See if you can do better and let me know how you get on.  

1. What were the names of the two Australian tourists feared dead in their burnt-out van in Mexico? Half a point for each
2. Foreign minister Julie Bishop arranged for a private jet to collect her and her partner from a charity dinner in Perth, so she would be back to attend her 7am ministerial meetings. How much did the trip cost taxpayers?
3. What is the name of Bishop's partner?
4. Which online store has been criticised for its Black Friday slogan?
5. What was the store's Black Friday slogan that offended?
6. What did District Court Judge Gregory Farmer do to avoid a confrontation with Muslim extremist Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai?
7. Why did American R&B singer Chris Brown cancel his tour of Australia and New Zealand?
8. How many turtles did Canadian Kai Xu have taped to his lower body in an attempt to smuggle them from the USA back into Canada
9. What have Mark Zuckerberg and his wife called their baby daughter?
10. Hollywood star Mel Gibson is filming his new movie in Richmond. What is the film called?
11. What was the pseudonym used by the Australian white collar heroin user who holds down a $100K job?
12. According to 
Indonesian investigators, which part of the plane that led to an Air Asia flight crashing killing 162 people was faulty?

13. Which best-selling biscuit is at the centre of a supermarket price war?
14. At which arena did Oprah Winfrey start her Australian tour?
15. How many UK MPs voted in favour to bomb Syria?
16. Two doctors on-board an Emirates flight, that made an emergency landing in Perth, used what to help a woman who had gone into labour?

17. Why was former football agent Ricky Nixon arrested?
18. PM’s wife Lucy Turnbull is the new chief commissioner of which organisation?
19. Who faces being sent to jail before Christmas day after five Supreme Court judges upgraded a conviction to murder?
20. Why was Our Lady of Mercy Syriac Catholic Church, in Concord in Sydney's west, in the headlines?
21. Who said ‘I crave normalcy!’ after being named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year?
22. Former NSW police officer Amy Shaw has been in a battle for almost three-years with an insurance company for a payout for her permanent disability that does not allow her to work. Which insurance company?
23. 14 people died in a shoot out in which U.S. city
24. A man arrested after a tense seven-hour stand off with police in Ashcroft, west of Sydney was armed with a pipe bomb and how many guns?
25. Project host Waleed Aly played a guitar solo from a song by which well-known band at the Walkley journalism awards in Melbourne on Thursday evening?
26. What is the name of Aly’s band?

Answers here 

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