Saturday, 28 November 2015

This week's newsquiz: Can you beat Holly's 15?

The Daily Mail Australia trainees have had another good week, including an excellent session with picture editor Yvette Kelly. They have been looking at Christmas stories, travel features and pictures. Well done to Nic White and Millie Thwaites who both had stories published on the website. You can read Nic's story here and Millie's here.

Meet the dog who thinks he's a cinema usher - Millie's story
That’s five trainees' stories published so far - and there will be more to follow. Alex Genova, one of the American trainees, was also published on the site this week, for a story she wrote during the course in August, on the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s theory of relativity. We finished the week, as usual, with the newsquiz. Well done to Holly Pascoe who clocked up an impressive 15 and won the Lotto scratch card.
Here’s this week’s quiz - 26 points to be won this week. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Schoolie season - Questions 21 and 22

1. What was the name of the New Zealand glacier where a helicopter crashed, killing seven people?
2. The Australian government has unveiled an updated version of the terrorism advisory system. It now has five tiers - 
i) not expected, ii) possible, iii) probable, iv) expected. What is the fifth tier?

3. What level is Australia currently on?
4. Police said a group of how many men and boys are being watched closely because they are capable of committing an act of terror, such as killing a member of the public?
5. Australia’s Grand Mufti has come under fire for calling on the Muslim community to recognise White Ribbon Day by referencing an ancient sermon that refers to women as what?
6. What did former minister Amanda Vanstone say about Bindi Irwin on Channel 9’s the Verdict that, according to other panelists, was mean and nasty?
7. Police, who were called to a house on Sydney’s North shore after neighbours heard a man shouting 'I'm going to kill you, you’re dead! Die die', found a dead what?
8. Army chaplains may have which slogan removed from hat badges as part of a push for greater diversity?
9. Despite having hiccups, Ethan Hall continued to sing the Australian national anthem. Which two Australian baseball teams were playing? Half a point for each
10. Name one of the five P&O cruise ships which formed a V-shape in Sydney Harbour this week.
11. Who won the Best International Act at the ARIAs for the fourth year running?
12. Who was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the ARIA awards?
13. At which venue were the ARIA Awards held?
14. Who did conservationists in New Zealand accuse of endangering a rare bird, the dotterel, while shooting a video?
15. Residents on the Gold Coast are being warned to be on high alert for what … which are expected to descend on residential areas following the fires?
16. Which Sydney Kings basketball player had beer poured over his head by someone in the crowd?
17. Two men were arrested trying to 'drill drug supply holes’ at Sydney Olympic stadium … before which music festival?
18. Filippo Silvestro is facing drug charges after he was allegedly caught with more than 150 ecstasy pills. Which TV programme did Silvestro take part in?
19. Why was Nathan Paterson in the headlines?
20. Australian journalist Sharri Markson was detained after breaking strict security protocol at a hospital in which country?
21. A teenager known as Schoolie Steve was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital after friends set light to which part of his body?
22. An 18-year-old schoolie was arrested at the southern coastal town of Goolwa after allegedly dismembering what?
23. What was the name of the turkey pardoned by Barack Obama at the annual turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House?
24. What secret did Meaghin McIntyre keep from her wedding guests when she married on the Sunshine Coast?
25. A Melbourne cleaner, claiming to be called Joe Carr, admitted his previous name was a hoax? What was the false name?
26. Two construction workers were crushed to death by falling concrete slab at a building site in which city?

Answers here

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