Friday, 6 November 2015

Try your hand at this week's newsquiz

Last week's quiz proved a toughie for the departing Telegraph trainees but the online quizzers did much better. Former MailOnline trainee and one-time winner of the Champagne Lydia Willgress was top scorer with an impressive 15. Others in double figures included Chris Lennon with 13, Damon Wake 11 and the Batstone Collective which weighed in with ten. Here are this week's questions. As usual there are 25 points up for grabs. Let me know how you get on.

The Mirror reports on the Sharm el-Sheik crisis (Question 1)
1. What was the flight number of the Russian MetroJet flight that crashed in Egypt?
Bonus: How many people were killed on the flight?
Bonus: Passengers hoping to fly home from Sharm el-Sheik were emailed by 
EasyJet to say what would not be allowed on the flight?
2. What was the name given to the anti-capitalist protest organised by Anonymous in London on Guy Fawkes night?
Bonus: An effigy of David Cameron was burnt at the famous Lewes Bonfire night event. He was depicted sitting on a throne and holding what?
3. How much will Gatwick airport charge for its ‘premium passport control’ service which will fast-track travellers through immigration?
4. How many women are featured in the new British passport?
Bonus: Name one of them
5. Why was baby Layla Richards in the headlines?
6. Amazon opened a bookstore (made of bricks and mortar rather than a virtual one) in which city?
7. The Bank of England froze interest rates again … at what percent?
8. Serena Williams sprinted after a thief who stole her mobile in a San Francisco restaurant while she was on a date with Alexis Ohanion. Which company did Ohanion found?
9. Vauxhall announced the recall of 220,000 cars following a series of fires. What is the name of the car model?
10. The John Lewis Christmas advert is intended to raise awareness of which charity?
Bonus: The song used in the advert is Half The World Away sung by Norwegian artist Aurora. Who wrote it?
11. Who lodged an individual legal claim against a former boss citing victimisation and discrimination?
12. Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush apologised to which country after implying its workers were lazy?
13. What is the name of the prison in County Antrim which, according to a damning report by inspectors, is 'unsafe and unstable' for prisoners and staff?
14. Why was former soldier Rob Lawrie arrested?
15. Which county’s police force is considering raising cash by fining every motorist caught over the speed limit - even if only by one mile per hour?
16. Which football team has been rocked by a sex-tape blackmail scandal?
17. Who was accused in court of refusing to listen to a colleague unless she 'spoke with her breasts’?
18. He was born in Northumberland, played 79 tests for England and scored 11 centuries, was awarded the OBE while still playing and became the first professional cricketer to hold the post of president of the MCC. Who is he?
19. The Environment Secretary Liz Truss said she was quite happy to eat what?
20. What has Twitter changed this week?

Answers here

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