Friday, 23 October 2015

This week's newsquiz - Harry's 9 to beat

The Daily Telegraph trainees were pretty busy on their penultimate week in Howden - with a law exam, a project to prepare, a visit to the Liverpool Echo and sessions with Andy Drinkwater, Paul Francis and Martin Keene. So they were clearly distracted when it came to the newquiz - or maybe it’s just a tough one this week. Anyway the top scorer was Harry Yorke with 9 points. Well done to him (although the overall performances were by far and away the worst of their seven weeks so far). 
Last week’s top trainee Sam Dean fought off all scores submitted online and remained that weeks top scorer with 15.5. The closest online player was Mike Lowe with an impressive 15. Here are this week’s 20 questions (with five bonus points). Let me know how you get on - someone surely has to get better than Harry’s nine!

Down the pub: The Telegraph's front page shows David Cameron enjoying a pint with President Xi - but which pub? (Q1)

1. David Cameron took Chinese President Xi for fish and chips and a pint at a Buckinghamshire pub where he once left his daughter. Name the pub.
Bonus: Name the daughter?
2. In which constituency will there be a by-election following the death of veteran Labour MP Michael Meacher?
3. Bank of England governor Mark Carney made an important speech on the UK’s place in the EU this week. In which city was he speaking?
Bonus: What nationality is Mr Carney?
4. John Kennedy dos Santos Gurjao died on board an Aer Lingus flight that was scheduled to travel between which two cities? (half a point for each)
Bonus: A post-mortem reportedly found Gurjao had ingested 0.8kg of suspected cocaine with an estimated street value of £40,000 in how many pellets?
5. Former BBC journalist Jacky Sutton was found dead at which airport (airport name and city required)?
6. Why was Craig Joubert in the headlines?
7. Mollie Muetzel and Kathleen Lowndes, both 89, thought they boarded a train at King’s Cross that would take them home to Knebworth near Stevenage. Where did they end up?
8. Which famous politician was a dinner guest in Sunday’s blood-spattered episode of Downton Abbey?
9. The shadow business minister says Britain’s steel makers are unable to operate on a level playing field. Name him.
10. Coral the bookmakers have cut the odds of something happening this year to even money. What is it?
11. According to Public Health England (PHE) the consumption of sugary foods and drinks are costing the NHS how much a year?
Bonus: Who welcomed the PHE report, saying: 'Let’s tackle this like parents not politicians.’?
12. Why has Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger consulted his lawyers?
13. Which town is holding a 'Christmas in October' for a terminally-ill seven-year-old Evan Leversage?
14. Which golf club has asked members for a £100,000 debenture?
15. Former England footballer Gary Neville has paid for showers, toilets and hot meals for homeless squatters living in a building he owns with Ryan Giggs. What is the name of the building?
Bonus: The activists group that Neville is supporting go by the name of the Manchester _____. What is the missing word?
16. What was the name of the town in Sweden where a man stabbed teachers and pupils with a Samurai sword?
17. One of Britain's biggest communications companies suffered a 'significant and sustained cyber attack' in which the bank details and credit card information of customers may have been accessed. Name the company.
18. What do hoverboards, flying cars and self-tying laces have in common?
19. More than 100 refugees arrived at which RAF base in Cyprus?
20. The new film SPECTRE features Monica Bellucci as the oldest actress to be cast as a 'Bond girl’. How old is she? 

Answers here

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