Saturday, 10 October 2015

Have I got rude news for you

I have posted many times on the need for subs to have dirty minds and good taste ... so that they keep all things dodgy out of the paper and off the website. 

It's advice that should have been heeded by the Bismarck Tribune's caption writer last week. If you can't read it, this is what it says: Waterfowl hunters, from left Darrel Spencer, Alex Spencer and Auston Crist, all of Duluth, keep an eye out for fucks during a hunt in Grand rapids, Minn., on Sept 30. Oops! At least hunt was spelled correctly. Thanks to Wills Robinson for that. 

There was also a dodgy bill poster doing the rounds on Twitter this week. But my friends at the The Courier in Dundee assure me it's a fake. Apparently some wag with a pair of scissors switched the words 'jobs' and 'blow' on a bill outside a newsagent in the city.

This is the original bill ... and the Courier has posted a piece online to say 'while we welcome, and indeed champion, creativity, we just wanted to let you know – it wisnae us.' Good to know.


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