Friday, 2 October 2015

Spencer wins the newsquiz Champagne

The online trainees with senior journalists David Krantz and Katie Davies

The MailOnline trainees finished their formal training in Kensington this week and now head off to start their regional placements. They had a good final week with sessions by picture editor Paul Ashton, head of video Lisa Snell, science and technology editor Rachel Reilly, health editor Anna Hodgekiss, Marianna Partasides from the newsdesk and last night enjoyed a few farewell drinks in the Greyhound. During their three weeks of training, they had plenty of stories published on the website ... the first of many bylines.  
Goodbye and good luck to them for the next stage and special thanks to senior journalists Katie Davies and David Krantz for their excellent assistance. Next week I am joining the Daily Mail subs and designers at the Press Association's HQ in Howden.

The subs putting their pages on display in Howden
The subs spent their week with Pat Hagan, Fiona Webster and Mike Brough and the sports subs did live European football shifts for PA on Tuesday, Wednesday and last night.  

Spencer Brown - runaway quiz winner - with his Champagne prize
As always we finished with the newsquiz. Well done to Spencer Brown who was top scorer again with 16 - and collected the Champagne. The Mail subs top scorer was Ben Jackson with 14 and the top Daily Telegraph trainee was Sam Dean with 15. Online trainee Olivia Waring pulled a fast one and also set a quiz for the trainers. I am delighted to say I was joint top (although not so happy with the actual score!) and won the chocolates. My excuse is I was red-penning their copy all week. Here is this week's newquiz. See if you can beat Spencer's 16 ... and let me know how you get on.

1. Jeremy Corbyn used the words of an ‘obscure blogger’ as part of his first conference speech. Name the blogger?
Bonus: Sir Paul Kenny said of Corbyn’s position on Trident that 'maybe somebody else should be given the (nuclear) button.’ Kenny is general secretary of which union?
Bonus: What did Lord Sugar advise everyone to do if Corbyn became Prime Minister?
2. Vladimir Putin signed a decree that will see how many conscripts called up into the Russian military?
Bonus: Who tweeted: 'Just found out from an article that David Cameron has put me on a UN Sanctions list as i lol @England for giving me a travel ban :)’?
3. Which town had its steel plant mothballed?
4. VW made a statement saying how many vehicles in the UK were affected by the emissions scandal?
5. Why was Marie Black in the headlines?
6. What was the name of the cafe in Brick Lane, London, that was firebombed by anarchist group Class War?
7. What has journalist Mazher Mahmood  been charged with?
Bonus: BBC Economics Editor, Robert Peston, is understood to have been offered which role at ITN's News at Ten?
8. What did the students union at the University of East Anglia ban during freshers' week saying it was racist?
9. What happened on the A6201 between Upton and Hemsworth?
10. Moorfields hospital in London performed a pioneering operation that could lead to a cure for what?
11. In which town was an RAF sergeant asked to move out of an A&E waiting area because his uniform might offend other patients?
12. Which TV cartoon is expected to double worldwide retail sales following a £140m buyout?
13. It’s been a bad week for English sports teams … England play Australia in their crucial World Cup Group A game at Twickenham tomorrow. Who will their final group game be against next Saturday?
Bonus: British football teams fell short in Europe this week with only the two Manchester teams winning. Name their opponents (half point for each)
14. A scheme run by St Ninians school in Stirling, Scotland, may be adopted by all UK schools. What is the scheme?
15. What was the name of the fountain in Rome where six British architects took a naked dip?
16. Who signed off a Tweet with: 'I hope I have been a light to my nearest and dearest.’?
17. Jaywick, near Clacton-on-Sea, topped a Government list for what?
18. What was the name of the Oregon college where a 26-year-old gunman shot 16 students?
19. Who went viral after asking: ‘Do you know who I am?’
20. Why was Sebastiano Magnanini in the headlines? 

Answers here

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