Friday, 25 September 2015

Trainee Mail subs dominate newsquiz with 16

I have been with the MailOnline trainees in Kensington this week while the Daily Mail subs have been in Howden with my colleague Mike Watson.
The onliners had sessions with travel editor Ted Thornhill, SEO specialist Kevin Singer, acting Femail editor Carol Driver and deputy managing editor Scott Langham

Trainees Amitai Winehouse, Spencer Brown, Rory Tingle and Ellen Scott all had stories published on the website. Well done to them.
The subs had sessions with former trainees, now Mail production execs, Lara King and Ailsa Leslie and with the Press Association’s picture editor Martin Keene. On Wednesday they went to the Hull Daily Mail offices to see the subbing operation in action.
As usual we finished with the newsquiz. Last week’s top trainee score was 14 by Ben Jackson. The top score submitted online was 15 by Janet Boyle.
This week the Mail subs dominated. Ben Jackson, Aaron Payne and Henry Bird each got 16. MailOnline sports trainee Spencer Brown scored 15. The Daily Telegraph trainees, also in Howden, did the quiz too. Their top scorers were Sam Dean and Tom Ough with 13.5. See if you can do any better ... and let me know how you get on. 

PigGate revelations in the Mail. Question 1
1. What was the name of Lord Ashcroft’s book about David Cameron that made the headlines this week?
Bonus: The book was co-written by a journalist. What is her name?
Bonus: Cameron is said to have put a private part of his anatomy into a pig’s head as part of an initiation into which society?
Bonus: A songbook created by which club at the Liberal Democrat conference included lyrics about PigGate and Charles Kennedy’s drinking?
2. Another book, called Leading, has been hitting the headlines with revelations of a different kind. Who is the author?
3. More than 700 people died in a stampede on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Pilgrims were on their way to a ritual to throw stones at seven pillars called Jamarat. What do these pillars represent?
Bonus: Which country’s Supreme National Security Council accused the Saudis of ‘incompetence' and urged them to 'take responsibility' for the deaths?
4. Fans have petitioned ITV to replace Paloma Faith's 'truly awful’ theme song for the Rugby World Cup? What is it called?
Bonus: Japan v South Africa provided the shock result of the tournament but what was the score?
5. Art critic Brian Sewell died this week. How old was he?
6. Figures compiled by The Grocer magazine revealed that Daniel Craig is the booziest of all the James Bonds. How many units has his character averaged per Bond film?
7. Matthias Mueller has been tipped to replace who?
8. Which 1970s band are kicking off their comeback tour in Glasgow?
9. China is part funding a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. Which county is the station in?
10. How much was Harrods' security guard John Perrett awarded for unfair dismissal after claiming he was the 'victim of a witch hunt over a cup of coffee?'
11. Who did actress Jeanne Marine marry?
12. Which show collected 12 Emmys to surpass The West Wing and take home the most TV Academy awards in a single year?
13. Syriza won the Greek election but which party came second?
14. Who described herself as a 'hovering Buddhist’ who believed death was peaceful and said she was not frightened of it?
15. Prince Harry and Prince William joined a BBC team to help turn a derelict Manchester street into housing for veterans. Prince Harry laid paving stones. What did William do?
16. Channel 4 presenter Matt Frei apologised for saying Barak Obama was smiling like a what?
17. What is the newly-opened tourist attraction at Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan, China?
18. Michelle Mone tweeted that she was doing what in her Government Jaguar?
19. Why were father and son Trevor and Scott Taylor in the headlines?
20. Why did North Swindon Police make an apology on Facebook?

Answers here

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