Friday, 18 September 2015

The newsquiz: Can you beat Ben’s 14

The latest intake of Mail trainees
I have spent the week at the Daily Mail offices again - this time with a new group of trainees. They are a mix of journalists from MailOnline, sub-editors and designers for the paper and copy editors for the magazines. The onliners have had a good week with sessions from managing editor Rhiannon MacDonald, technical expert Nick Enoch and former trainee Lydia Willgress. They spent last night at the MailOnline post-summer party in Hyde Park. The print journalists have been working on the Mail’s Sgt Blackman campaign. All of them spent Tuesday with the Mail’s lawyers. The subs and designers now head up to the Press Association’s training centre in Howden for the next three weeks.   
As usual we finished with the newsquiz. Last week’s score of 17.5 by Jessica McKay wasn’t beaten by any of you who do the quiz online. This week’s top score was by Mail sub-editor Ben Jackson with 14. He only narrowly beat MailOnline sports journalist Spencer Brown with 13. Three of The Daily Telegraph's trainees - Cristina Criddle, Sam Dean and Harry Yorke - who are in Howden also got 13. They then had the cheek to complain that the questions were Mail-centric! Here is this week's quiz. See if you can beat Ben’s 14. Let me know how you get on.

1. Who is Shadow Foreign Secretary in the Corbyn team?
Bonus: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell apologised for an ‘appalling joke’ which ‘ended my career in stand-up’. What was the ‘joke’?
Bonus: Corbyn addressed the TUC conference. Where was it held?
Bonus: Corbyn’s private life has been under scrutiny this week. One thing he does confess to, though, is his hobby of taking photographs of what?
2. Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge decided to stop providing what for its patients?
3. The Duchess of Cambridge resumed Royal duties on Thursday. Where was her first official public appearance?
4. Six of the eight tourists killed by Egyptian forces hunting jihadists were from which country?
Bonus: Who gave a speech in Berlin urging the West to take more refugees and said: 'Denying refugees their basic rights risks creating a defeated and disillusioned generation, who, at their most desperate, could be susceptible to extremists' ideology.'
5. How many international teams are there in the Rugby World Cup?
Bonus: Former England rugby player Matt Dawson has created a spoof of the All Black’s Haka, to what tune?
6. Why was Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke in the news this week?
7. In which new stage show is Nicole Kidman starring?
8. Tim Wonnacott has been suspended from which TV programme after a ‘bust up’ with a producer?
9. Who is to replace Donald Trump as the new presenter of Celebrity Apprentice in America?
10. Five passengers were injured when a train hit the buffers on arrival at which station?
11. According to a Which? report cosmetics company Lush is the best in the UK for customer service. Which company did it knock off the top spot and bump into second place?
12. What are to be removed from eight areas of outstanding natural beauty?
13. Football pundit Michael Owen suffered the 'saddest day of his life’ this week when his horse was put down at the Irish St Leger? Name the horse.
14. Name the new Prime Minister of Australia.
15. Why were Gavin Maguire and Allison Jennings from Essex in the headlines?
16. Why were Michael Heron and Jenna Hulme from Oldham in the headlines?
17. Why was Oscar’s Wine Bar in Lancaster fined £100,000?
18. An inquest heard that retired teacher Valerie Weston drowned when she was swept off her feet in a storm. In which river did she die?
19. One million people had to leave their homes and at least ten people died when a powerful earthquake hit which country's central region?
20. Who did Vladimir Krasnov and Alexei Stolyarov pretend to be?

Answers here

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