Friday, 11 September 2015

Well done to quiz winners Jess and Jess

The trainees and trainers at Northcliffe House today
I said goodbye to the trainees at the Daily Mail offices in Kensington today. The paper's trainees, who are destined for the newsrooms in London, Glasgow and Dublin, and the online trainees who will end up in New York, are all off on placements around UK newspaper offices from Monday. Good luck to them all. They had a good final week with many stories published. Charlotte Wace had a page lead in the Mail, Sean Dunne a page lead in the Irish Mail on Sunday and Jenny Kane, a picture story in the Scottish Daily Mail. Kalhan Rosenblatt also had a good show for her endangered panther story online and Will Kelleher made it on to the sports section. The first of many bylines. 
The print journalists had invaluable sessions with news-editor Ben Taylor, City editor Alex Brummer, head of investigations Kat Faulkner and sketch writer Quentin Letts. Kevin Singer spoke about SEO to the online journalists and there were talks by senior journalists Katie Davies, David Krantz and Sarah Michael. Former MoS editor Peter Wright also went through IPSO and the editor’s code in detail. Last night we were joined by former trainees for drinks in the Greyhound.
We finished, as always, with the newsquiz. Last week’s top submitted score was by Janet Boyle with 17 … well beating the trainees’ top score of 12. This week Mail trainee Jessica McKay was way ahead of the field with 17.5. She also won the champagne as overall winner over the two weeks. Jessica Chia won the champagne for top overall score among the online trainees.

Quiz winners Jessica McKay and Jessica Chia
The Daily Telegraph trainees, who started their course at PA’s Howden headquarters this week, also did the quiz and their top scorer was Sam Dean with 15. Here are this week’s questions. As usual there are 25 points to be won. See if you can beat Jessica’s 17.5.

1. What was the name of the British Airways captain who aborted take-off at Las Vegas airport?
Bonus: Before becoming a pilot he had another job. What was it?
2. The row between lawyer Alexander Carter-Silk and barrister Charlotte Proudman stemmed from his comment: 'You definitely win the prize for the best _______ picture I have ever seen.' What is the missing word?
Bonus: How old are they both? Half a mark for each
3. The Queen surpassed Queen Victoria's record to become the UK's longest reigning monarch. How long, exactly, was Victoria's reign?
Bonus: The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated the occasion by taking a steam train from where to where? Half point for each location.
4. Which newspaper will print a Sunday edition for the first time to announce the new Labour leader?
5. Which country announced it was giving refugees free passage across its borders without registering them?
Bonus: Who ran out of beds after 37,000 refugees arrived in Germany?
6. What name has been given to the human ancestor found in an ancient burial spot in a South African cave?
7. It was found that Alzheimer's disease may be transmissible through blood transfusions and medical accidents. Which university carried out the research? 
Bonus: According to a study, by the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association, what percentage of senior hospital doctors may retire early because of work-related stress? 
8. Why was Antony Britton in the headlines? 
9. What are the RAF's drones called? 
10. Sam Smith has recorded the theme song for Spectre. What is it called? Bonus: Smith said: 'It's the quickest I've ever written a song - it took xx minutes. How many is the xx?
11. How much did crime writer PD James leave in her will? 
12. What drug did Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah admit to taking while visiting Somalia in 2003?
13. What accessory, that Steve Jobs said Apple would never sell, comes with the newly announced iPad Pro?
14. The Marquess and Viscount of Bath were in the news this week over a ‘bloodline' row. What is the family's surname?
15. Wayne Rooney became the top goal scorer when England beat Switzerland 2-0 at Wembley. Who scored Engand’s other goal?
16. Why was Petra Laszlo in the headlines?
17. Who has been named as acting First Minister in Northern Ireland after the mass resignations over a murder, linked to members of the IRA?
18. Why have Tobias Ellwood, Edward Timpson and Caroline Dinenage been in the headlines?
19. England host the opening match of the Rugby World Cup on Friday against Fiji … but who is their second game against?
20. How did Reed Sutley celebrate his ninth birthday?

Answers here

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