Friday, 4 September 2015

This week's newsquiz: Jessica's 12 to beat

I have been with the Daily Mail and MailOnline trainees in London this week. They enjoyed a stimulating few days. The print journalists spent time with chief reporter David Williams, investigative reporter Christian Gysin, head of news Neil Darbyshire, managing editor Alex Bannister, reporters Tom Payne and Simon Murphy and toured the newsroom. The American online trainees were mentored by senior journalists from Daily Mail Australia and my colleague Mike Watson. They enjoyed cracking sessions with MailOnline editor Danny Groom, reporter Lydia Willgress and head of video Rebecca Hutson. They also spent a day with the Mail lawyers.
Throughout all of that they worked on stories for publication. Well done to Jessica McKay who got a byline in her first week for a story about Tesco failing to deliver uniforms in time for the start of school. Read it here

American trainee Clemence Michallon also got a story published ... the top story (the banner) on a woman who started selling videos on eBay and now turns over $25million a year. It was an idea she came up with and followed through to the end. It is the first time a trainee has had the banner while on the course ... so very well done to her. Read it here.
We finished, as always, with the newsquiz. Last week's quiz was clearly far too easy. Mike Lowe scored 24 out of 25 - an all time record. Other personal bests were recorded by Damon Wake, 20; Sally Tipper, 19 and Ian McCulloch with 10.  
Sophie Jamieson scored 17.5, Lydia Willgress 16, Alex Murphy, 14, Alex Genova and Thom Sands 13. The best scoring team was the Batstone Collective with 15.   This week it is much harder. Well done to Jessica McKay, the top scoring newspaper trainee with 12. The top online trainees were Alex Genova and Valerie Edwards, both with 8. Anyway, give it a go and let me know how you get on. 

Shocking front pages showing the body of Aylan Kurdi on a Turkish beach (Q1)
1. Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi was found washed up on the shore of a Turkish beach. His brother's body was also found - what was his name? 
Bonus: The father of the two boys returned to his home city to bury them and his wife. Which city?
Bonus: Who pledged to put up four refugee families saying the failure of the new politics had led to this 'disgrace, this absolute sickening disgrace’?
Bonus: Jean Asselborn called for a European Refugee Agency to investigate whether every EU country applied the same standards for granting asylum. He is the foreign minister of which country?
2. Chancellor George Osborne announced more than £500m of funding for the Royal Navy’s submarine base. Where is it?

3. The Labour leadership election also involves the ballot for the deputy leader. There are five candidates. Name two of them. Half point for each.
4. Why was Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis jailed?
5. Why are police investigating the Travelodge hotel at Oxford Wheatley?
6. Why have Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury been in the headlines?
7. Stephen Gough, 56, has recently been released after spending the last 30 months in prison. What name is he better known by?
8. ITV’s This Morning programme has a new resident dog, training to be a Guide Dog, what name was chosen by the viewers (the choice was Cassie, Cleo, Clover, Coco or Cookie)?
Bonus: Bill Turnbull is quitting BBC Breakfast to spend more time with what?
9. Who tweeted 'glad this was the only bear I met in the park’?
10. Tadeusz Slowikowski spent 40 years searching for what?
11. Who used a Sega Mega Drive to make an announcement on his YouTube Channel?
12. How did former Army colonel Samuel Rae lose his money?
13. Manchester United's new signing, Anthony Martial, is the most expensive teenager in world football. Which club did they buy him from?
Bonus: Wayne Rooney will become England's highest ever goalscorer if he scores twice against San Marino tomorrow. How many goals in his 105 appearances has he scored?
14. Who filed a lawsuit against a Japanese restaurant when she burnt her arm after falling on a hibachi grill?
15. Natalie Massenet, the founder of a fashion website, has quit after a clash with the new chief executive. Name the site.
16. Why was 83-year-old grandfather Clive Southall of Brierley Hill in the headlines?
17. Which Strictly Come Dancing contestant was once ITN's youngest newscaster?
18. Lord Montagu died this week. Which stately home did he own?
19. Nissan have invested £100m to build the Juke in which UK city?
20. Taylor Swift has been criticised for a 'white colonial fantasy’ for her latest music video set in Africa? What is the video called?

Answers here 

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