Friday, 16 October 2015

This week's newsquiz: Sam's 15.5 to beat

I have been in Howden with The Daily Telegraph trainees this week. They are six weeks into their course and had a good few days with the head of PA’s diploma course, Paul Jones, Telegraph lawyer Adam Cannon and my colleague Mike Watson. Drinks were taken in the Tailor's Chalk, a new, tiny and first rate addition to Howden's long list of pubs. We finished the week, as usual, with the newsquiz. Top scorer was Sam Dean with an impressive 15.5 points out of 25. Here are this week’s questions, see if you can do better … and let me know how you get on.  

The Telegraph's front page picture shows the reconstruction of flight MH17 (Page 16) 
1. 258 MPs voted against the Government’s Charter for Fiscal Responsibility but how many voted in favour?
Bonus: How much Corporation Tax did Facebook pay in 2014?
Bonus: The number of jobless people in the UK fell by 79,000 in the three months from May to August. How many people are now officially unemployed?
2. What were Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohill given the go-ahead to do?
3. The official watchdog has rated three-quarters of NHS hospitals as unsafe. What is the body called? 
4. Stephen Fry announced he is to stand down as presenter of TV programme QI. Who is to succeed him?
5. In which hospital is nurse Pauline Cafferkey being treated?
6. What is the name of the virus which cyber attackers have used to steal £20m from British bank accounts?
7. Permission was given to build a new 450-pupil grammar school, the first in the UK in 25 years, in which town?
8. What was Boris Johnson playing when he knocked over ten-year-old Toki Sekiguchi
9. Who took over from Nick Hewer in the Apprentice?
10. Which record did England cricketer Adil Rashid achieve?
Bonus: New Zealand are favourites to win the Rugby World Cup but who are the outsiders with odds as long as 100/1?
11. Two male veteran broadcasters died this week. Name them (half point for each).
12. Where was Lamar Odom, the ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian, found unconscious? 
13. Why did senior Labour MP Helen Goodman apologise?
14. According to the Metropolitan Police, how much has it cost in total to guard Julian Assagne at the Ecuadorian embassy?
15. The early arrival of a Siberian swan has been taken as a sign of a hard winter ahead. What kind of swan was it? 
16. What is the name of the Russian-made missile that Dutch authorities claim hit flight MH17?
17. What did Marlon James win?
18. What was the name of the cafe said to be a fertile recruiting ground for Islamists in the Turkish city of Adiyaman where hundreds, including the Ankara bombers, are said to have joined Isis?
Bonus: The Fatah movement and Hamas declared a day of what across the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem?
Bonus: British mother Shukee Begum, who has left Isis in Syria said the 'gangster mentality' among the women was not her __ __ __ . What are the missing words?
19. In which river has the wreck of one of Henry V's warships been found?
20. What record did 977 people set in Spitalfields, London? 

Answers here

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