Friday, 20 November 2015

Josh wins Australian newsquiz

This week I have been with the Daily Mail Australia trainees in Sydney. They had sessions with editor Luke Mcilveen, news-editor Barclay Crawford and former trainee Jen Smith, who is now a showbiz reporter. The trainees spent some of their time writing and pitching exclusive stories. Well done to Josh Hanrahan (story here), Steve Trask (story here) and Aneeta Bhole who all brought in stories that were published on the website ... the first of many bylines. As usual we finished with the newsquiz. Well done to Josh who was top scorer with a respectable 13.5 points out of 25. If you have been keeping up with the Australian and world news agenda, you might be able to do better. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Ice cream topped with bugs: Aneeta's story can be read here.
1. According to an Institute of Economics and Peace report on global terrorism which was the most brutal terrorist organisation in the world last year, killing 6,664 people? 
2. Who wrote non-Muslims want women to walk around 'exposed as a piece of sweet pastry... devoured by the eyes of men’?
3. What was the name of the French police dog killed in the Paris siege?
4. In which area of Paris were three terrorists killed during a police raid?
5. What are the three Stay Safe things security chiefs in Britain have advised you should do if caught up in a Paris-style attack? 
6. How was Mohammed Emwazi better known to the media (and world)?
7. What is the name of the woman who was convicted of terrorism offences at Sydney's Downing Centre Court on Monday?
8. A farmer and three of his employees died in a bush fire in which town in Western Australia?
9. The three farm workers who died in the farm fire all came from different countries. One was from Britain where were the other two from? (Half point for each)
10. Announcing his retirement from international cricket, fast bowler Mitchell Johnson revealed that an incident forced him to change his aggressive style? What was it?
11. Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke and his wife Kyly announced the birth of their daughter this week. What is she called?
12. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been attending the APEC summit in which city?
13. What does APEC stand for?
14. Which Californian singer was played loudly to disperse protestors at the APEC summit?
15. Where will Jess Dunbar, Matt Price, Louise Adams and Cyrus Villanueva be appearing?
16. In which city did Prince Charles celebrate his 67th birthday?

17. What is the full name of the award won by social media star and personal trainer Kayla Itsines this week?
18. A class action that could top $100 million has been launched in the Federal Court on behalf of the owners of what?
19. Jonah Lomu was suffering from which kidney disease?
20. In which year did Jonah Lomu have a kidney transplant donated by his close friend Grant Kereama?
21. Why was nurse Amanda Bruce in the headlines?
22. A 14-year-old boy pleaded guilty at Perth Children’s court to a number of sex attacks on women. What did he wear during the first attack?
23. Why was Kate Armstrong in the headlines this week?
24. Which brewery boss died aged 82 after serving 'the beer drinkers of Australia' for 50 years?
25. What rules did Bunnings Warehouses introduce after a five-year-old girl was hurt in one of their stores?

Answers here


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