Friday, 13 November 2015

This week's newsquiz - 25 points to be won

Last week’s top newsquiz scorer was Chris Lennon with an impressive 14. Other notable individual scores included 13 by Damon Wake and Phil Lambell. On the team front, my mates in The Plough scored a remarkable 15 on Friday night. Well done Nicky and Les Castell. The Batstone Collective, distracted by Lucy’s big birthday, scored 12. Here is this week’s quiz … as usual 25 points to be won. Let me know how you get on.

Headline of the week by the Mirror on the Olympics scandal (Q1)
1. The London Olympics were 'sabotaged' by Russian athletes involved in state-sponsored cheating, according to a report by WADA. What does WADA stand for?
Bonus: The former International Association of Athletics Federations president is being investigated by French police over allegations he took bribes to cover up positive drugs tests when in charge of the IAAF. Name him?
Bonus: Where did Russia come in the London 2012 Olympic medal table?
2. The first storm to be officially named by the Met Office was upgraded from yellow to amber. What is its name?
3. Why was 59-year-old Jackie Baker in the headlines?
4. What is the name of the political party led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi that won the Myanmar elections?
5. Paramedics, police and firefighters attended a Remembrance Day service as 40 pupils were treated for complaints including nausea and dizziness brought on by ‘anxiety’ at a school in which city?
Bonus: An impromptu rendition of which song at an Armistice Day ceremony at Stormont caused a political furore?
Bonus: What item of clothing was designed by 25-year-old Tabinda-Kauser Ishaq?
6. Who married business consultant and polar explorer Jason De Carteret at a church in Soho?
7. Which company apologised to six black schoolboys after asking them to leave a shop in Melbourne for fear they would shoplift?
8. Nathan Matthews and his girlfriend were found guilty of killing teenager Becky Watts? Name the girlfriend.
Bonus: At which court did the trial take place?
9. He was crowned champion jockey 11 times and won four Prix de l'Arc de Triomphes. Who is he?  
10. Why did students Phil Shepphard and Peter Lyons set up the company Lyon Shepphard Webb Solutions?
11. Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who died this week, was reported to have stockpiled 38,000 of which item?
12. Who said: 'Let us cast aside a common misconception. Everyone out of work is not an idler. Everyone in receipt of benefits is not a scrounger.’?
13. A man was killed and two seriously wounded in a shooting at which New York City station?
14. David Cameron was accused of hypocrisy after he protested about cuts to public services suggested by which Conservative council?
15. Asda announced it would not be taking part in which event due to 'shopper fatigue’?
16. Michael Cheika, Eddie Jones, Warren Gatland, Joe Schmidt and Jake White were all linked with which job?
17. Benedict Cumberbatch received which honour from the Queen at Buckingham Palace?
18. An inquest heard how musician Nick Cave's teenage son took LSD before he fell off a cliff in which city?
19. Shares in which company fell by 20 per cent after a profit warning, concern over the prospect of £650m of 'headwinds next year and a review likely to involve job losses among its 2,000 senior managers?
20. Stafford Borough Council is equipping wardens with hi-tech £200 goggles in an attempt to catch out who?

Answers here

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