Friday, 8 January 2016

Test yourself with this week's newsquiz

There was a clear winner in last week's newsquiz - Lydia Willgress with a personal best and hugely impressive 22. She put it down to working solidly in the MailOnline newsroom over the Christmas break. The best team effort was by Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe with a very good 17.
Here's this week's quiz. As usual 25 points up for grabs. Let me know how you get on.

Three bodies found in a London garden: See question 4
1. How many people did Saudi Arabia execute on Saturday?
Bonus: What was the name of the Shia cleric whose execution caused a wave of condemnation? 
Bonus: Siddhartha Dhar - who appeared in a new ISIS beheading video - was believed to be a former salesman of what? 
2. Chancellor George Osborne told business leaders in Cardiff: 'Last year was the worst for global growth since the crash and this year opens with a dangerous ________ of new threats.’ What is the missing word?
Bonus: Measures that automatically stop trading in stock markets which drop or rise too sharply were used for the first time in China on Monday and again on Thursday. What is the mechanism known as? 
3. Three shadow ministers quit in protest at the sacking of colleagues who were at odds with Jeremy Corbyn. Name two of them (half point each).
Bonus: Michael Dugher was one of those sacked in the reshuffle. What was his shadow cabinet position?
4. The bodies of Sian Blake and her two sons were found buried in a London garden. Which character did she play in Eastenders? 
5. Public Health England is urging families to sign up for a new app which shows what?
6. Twitter's stock fell to an all-time low amid rumours it is to allow users to post tweets of what length?
7. Why was West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle fined $10,000 in Australia?  
8. Why was Abdul Rahman Haroun in the headlines?
9. More than half a million people tuned in to watch people doing what in Drummond Central, Newcastle?
10. Under new recommendations by England’s chief medical officer approximately how many pints of beer a week is ‘safe’ for a man?
11. Where is Winston McKenzie, a former UKIP spokesman and the English Democrats' candidate for London mayor, currently living?
12. Hashim Amla resigned from which position?
13. This year's GCSE and A-Levels have been timetabled to take what into account?
14. Fifteen-year-old Pranav Dhanawade set a new world record for what?
15. If an agreement is not found, junior doctors have threatened to stage three strikes, starting with a walkout on what date? 
16. Steve Rowe is to replace Marc Bolland in which role?
17. Prince George started school at the Westacre Montessori school on which estate?
18. Who kicked a wannabe rapper off the stage at the People’s Choice award in Los Angeles?
19. Police in Germany revealed that the 'organised Arab or North African' sex gangs terrorised more than 100 women in which German city? Bonus: A vigilante group set up after the sexual assaults quickly gained 8,000 Facebook followers. What is it called? 
20. Why did ten-year-old Mitchell Schibeci become an internet sensation?

Answers here

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