Friday, 29 January 2016

Test yourself with this week's newsquiz

Well done to Rod Ardehali who scored an impressive 18 in last week's quiz, narrowly beating Damon Wake and  on 16. Here's this week's quiz. As usual there are 25 points up for grabs. Let me know how you get on.

How the New York tabloids reported on 20 inches of snow (Q6)

1. David Cameron refused to apologise after using which four words to describe refugees in Calais at Prime Minister’s Question Time? 

Bonus: Jeremy Corbyn made his first official trip abroad as Leader of the Opposition to visit the Calais Jungle and a refugee camp in which other town?
2. A European Counter Terrorism Centre was launched in which city?
3. Why was Alexandra Mezher, 22, in the headlines?
4. Serial killer Levi Bellfield admitted killing 13-year-old Milly Dowler. In which year was Milly murdered?
5. Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Worsley, who died attempting a solo expedition across the Antarctic, recorded a message saying his journey had ended because he did not have the ability to do what?
6. What was the name of the storm that dumped 20 inches of snow on New York?
7. Which two teams will play in the Capital One cup final? Half point each.

Bonus: Former England footballer Stuart Pearce has come out of retirement at 53 to play for a team which has lost every game, let in an average of ten goals a match and has a goal difference of minus 180. Name the team.
8. Tory grandee Cecil Parkinson died this week. How old was he?
Bonus: Parkinson once said his ambition was to remove a prefix from his name. What word was he was referring to?
9. A team of female rowers broke two world records after rowing across the Pacific Ocean in a 29ft pink boat. What was it called?
10. What were taken from Lincolnshire on trucks to landfill sites in Didcot and Sheffield?
11. Why were mourners left horrified at a funeral service at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff?
12. Colin Vearncombe, 53, died after being hit by a car in Ireland. How was he better known?
13. Who ‘repeatedly and deliberately delayed payments to suppliers in a widespread practice designed to improve its financial position’?
Bonus: How much did Google agree to pay to HMRC in tax dating back to 2005, which it said was the 'full tax due in law’?
14. Three to four million people could be infected with what virus this year, according to the World Health Organisation?
15. What happened to the statues in Rome's Capitoline Museum this week?
16. Kate Chisholm, head of Skerne Park Academy, Darlington, wrote to parents asking them to stop doing what?
17. What will Susanne Hinte not be receiving?
18. Wayne and Coleen Rooney had a third son. What did they call him?
19. Who plays glamorous journalist Rose Winters in a new movie?
Bonus: Who is Joseph Fiennes to play in a Sky Arts programme?
20: Consumer blogger Jordon Cox,18, travelled home from Sheffield to Essex by plane via which European city as it was cheaper than the train?

Answers here

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