Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Indie shortlisted in Best of World designs

It is fitting that The Independent should be shortlisted in the top 13 designed newspapers of the year, according to the judges at this year's Society of News Design awards. It made the cut along with The GuardianAamulehti (Finland), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), DeMorgen (Germany) , Die Zeit (Germany), The Globe and Mail (Canada), La Nacion (Argentina), The National Post (Canada), The New York Times (United States), Politiken (Denmark), The Washington Post (United States) and Welt am Sonntag (Germany). 

The judges said of the Indie: 'The covers stood out for us: bold, creative, courageous. The typography is stunning, and the grid is a strong foundation for all the work. It helps to keep the flow and sustain interest. The white channels on pages provide some relief but are also utilized to help punctuate stories — there’s room to breathe with purpose. The paper has a serious, authoritative tone but with a restrained elegance.' The Independent also won a silver medal in News Design for its Charlie Hebdo and  Aylan Kurdi front covers. Well done to all those at the Indie. It will certainly be missed. 

Here are a few more of its front page highlights.

Check out some of the best designs according to SND37 here

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