Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Newspapers in 2016: The bright spots

It is no secret that newspapers are anticipating a tough time in 2016. There will be a continued squeeze on revenues and circulations, titles will close, dailies will go weekly and more mergers seem inevitable. Turning digital into a meaningful business, while maintaining profits and keeping print strong, is the challenge facing everyone. Most of the regional editors I speak to are showing no signs of discarding their hard-hats just yet. As Dominic Fitzpatrick, MD of the Irish News, says: 'Difficulty is the new norm'. But it isn't all doom and gloom. There is also growth and innovation. The quality frees, Metro and the Evening Standard, are thriving, MailOnline is a soaraway success, campaigning and investigative journalism is on the rise and some titles continue to prosper. At the end of last year I spoke to editors, MDs, academics and consultants about what they expected 2016 to bring. The resulting article is published in this month's InPublishing magazine. Read it here. I am not saying it will cheer you up ... but there are some bright spots. Honestly.

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