Friday, 29 April 2016

The newsquiz is back: Give it a go

There was no newsquiz for the last two weeks as I was in the US where the news was dominated by Trump, Clinton, Sanders and Cruz. It was good to catch up with colleagues at in New York and to meet some of those trainees who are looking to join the website later in the year. I got back to the UK this week just in time to say farewell to some of the Mail's Australian trainees before they flew back to Sydney. 

Saying farewell to the Australian trainees in London
They have been in the UK on placement at regional newspapers and at the Mail's Kensington offices since the New Year. Good luck to them when they start their real jobs on Monday.
Anyway, the good news is that the quiz is back this week. The top individual scorer in the last quiz I posted was Janet Boyle with 17, the same score as the Batstone Collective. Well done to them. Here are this week's questions. As usual there are 25 points to be won. Let me know how you get on.

Metro reports on the Hillsborough verdict by replicating The Sun's notorious front page (Question 1)
1. What verdict did the Hillsborough inquest jury return in respect of all 96 victims? 
Bonus: South Yorkshire's chief constable was suspended because of the approach the force took to the inquest The acting chief constable who replaced him, then stepped down a day later. Name them both. Half a point for each.
Bonus: Which newspaper did not put the inquest verdict on its front page on the first edition but added it later, tweeting: 'We made a mistake with the front page of our first edition, and we fixed it for our second edition'?
2. Sir Philip Green sold troubled BHS last year for £1 to a consortium led by Dominic Chappell. What is the consortium’s name?
Bonus: Labour MP John Mann said Green must repay how much in dividends or give up his knighthood?
3. Boris Johnson was widely criticised after saying that 'part-Kenyan' president Barack Obama had intentionally removed whose bust from the Oval Office?
4. Paisley Park, the home of Prince who died last week, may become a tribute museum, his family said. Paisley Park is in a suburb of which US city?
Bonus: What was Prince’s full name? 
5. What, according to negative Twitter users, had a Charlie’s Angels silhouette at the front, a daft squiggle and looked like a knock-off from Asda?
6. Labour MP Naz Shah was suspended after it emerged she had once suggested that Israel should be moved to the United States. What is her constituency?
Bonus: In a televised shouting match, which book did Labour MP John Mann say Ken Livingstone obviously hadn’t read?
7. To which position was Malia Bouattia controversially elected?
8. Barry Howard, who died aged 78, was best known for playing Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in which sitcom?
9. The United Nations described the situation in which Syrian city as catastrophic, after dozens of people were killed in attacks on targets including a hospital?
10. A construction worker was killed on the Queensferry Crossing, the new £1.4 billion bridge being built across which river?
11. Which celebrity was sprayed with manure by a farmer driving a muck spreader during an anti-fracking demonstration near Blackpool?
12. Shane Sutton resigned which position amid claims of sexism and discrimination?
13. US presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was called '_________ in the flesh' by fellow Republican and former Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner. What is the missing word?
14. Lord Alfred Dubs described what as ‘shameful' and a 'sad moment for British politics’?
15. Which 26-year-old French-Algerian was described by his boss as ‘a genius’ and 'our light’?
16. Why did Jessica Coakley Martinez say she felt humiliated at Heathrow?
17. Jerome Chauris, a 41-year-old Frenchman, was found not guilty of possessing an air rifle and a knife which caused a security alert where?
18. Whose London Marathon time has been ‘wiped’ while there is an investigation into cheating?
19. Which company is being sued over a filter on its app that allows drivers to monitor their speed?
20. Which hashtag, celebrating a politician’s mistake five years ago, was the top trend in the UK this week, used over 26,000 times?

Answers here

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