Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Foxes just about make it on to the front page

Well, that was by far the best football story we have seen in England since 1966. Even those not that interested in the beautiful game can see that a team with odds of 5,000/1 winning the Premier League is not just about sport. It is a story that has everything ... hope, dreams, achievement, emotion, loyalty, passion ... so it had to be on the front page. Didn't it? I was really looking forward to the pages appearing last night. I have to admit, though, to being a little underwhelmed. I appreciate it was a tough one - it went to the wire and the main players weren't on public display. But I was expecting more souvenir fronts, set-pieces, pre-arranged pictures, graphics and clever headlines. Here is how the papers did it.

The Sun rightly goes front and back - just about wiping out its front page with a picture from the party at Jamie Vardy's house. The back goes with Furrytale (for the Foxes). 

Well done Metro - the quickest off the blocks with a front page five minutes after the final whistle. It's all in the planning. 

I was hoping for something special from the Leicester Mercury ... I though it might be invited around to Vardy's party. In the end it went for a wraparound using a team picture. 

Some of the European papers did a good job ... clearly Leicester has captured the imagination over there. L'Equipe certainly recognises the passion of the moment. 

A nice idea by Italy's La Gazetta dello Sport - even if Claudio doesn't look too happy.

The Mirror first edition has a blurb across the top ... with another file picture. I was a bit surprised it wasn't the splash. I know it happened late but the tribute edition, which is much better, could have been put together a month ago. The back page is spot on though.

The i tells it as it is - and another file picture

Is this the lowest position on the front The Daily Telegraph's titlepiece has ever been? 

How to put football on the front page - Guardian style!

Football rarely makes it on to the front of the Mail - so a big blurb above the masthead means it is a big story.

The Express sticks to its formula front page with Leicester in the square picture slot.

The Times also goes for a square mid-page picture.
Sport  - not much happening then? Well, not in NewDay anyway. To be fair, the paper does have very early deadlines.

Elsewhere there was plenty of imagination at play ... for example here's Walkers' new special crisp packet. Clever.

... and here's Captain Morgan rum getting in on the act. Great forward planning.

Well done to Leicester City ... and well done to sportdesks everywhere for a quick turnaround. 

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