Friday, 27 May 2016

Try your hand at this week's newsquiz

Last week's quiz started off looking like a tricky one with regular high scorers submitting less than average results. For a long time, Tom Witherow (13.5) and Wherryman's Web (12.5) were early front-runners. Even the in-form John Penman scored a disappointing 11. The Batstone Collective then came in with a healthy 14.5. Finally, it all finished in glory for Damon Wake and Liz Gerard who both clocked a hugely impressive 18.5. Well done to them. Here is this week's quiz. As usual there are 20 questions, with five bonuses, so 25 points up for grabs. 

A year of recession looms, says the Treasury (Question 1)
1. David Cameron’s former election adviser claimed the prime minister would advocate leaving the EU if he wasn’t in charge. What is the adviser's name?
Bonus: Cameron said Office for National Statistics' figures showing that net migration was the second highest on record were 'disappointing'. What was the net migration figure he was referring to?
Bonus: Cameron claimed that leaving the EU would mean family household spending would go up by £220 a year. £120 would be on food and £100 would be on what?
2. Actor Burt Kwouk, OBE, who died aged 85, starred in three James Bond movies but was most famous for which film role?
3. Where has the CGT been causing chaos?
4. Who proposed to long-term partner Jennifer Wilson while on holiday in Paris?
Bonus: Who missed their son’s wedding at Peckforton Castle?
5. Barack Obama became the first serving US president to visit which city since World War II? 
6. Which company reported a 3.5 per cent increase in full-year profits to £684.1m but still saw its shares slump by 10 per cent and had £700m wiped off its market value?
Bonus: Which company saw its year-on-year profits rise by 43 per cent and promised to cuts fares by 7 per cent?
7. London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced an all-night Tube service will be launched on August 19 on which two routes? Half point each.
8. Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon came under fire after she described the members of an act as 'four sexy _______ men'. What is the missing word?
9. Whose appointment involved discussions over watch brands Bulova and Hublot and car companies Chevrolet and Jaguar? 
10. Tax investigation officials raided offices of internet giant Google in which city?
11. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump admitted using an alias in business which became the inspiration for the name of his son. What was the alias?
12. Sister Sledge, 5ive, East 17, Alesha Dixon and DJ Sigma all withdrew from what?
13. Restaurant owner Mohammed Zaman, 52, was jailed for six years after a customer died eating a curry containing what?
14. What, according to environmentalists, is turning the Taj Mahal green?
15. NHS doctor Issam Abuanza, who joined Isis in Syria, left a wife and two children in which UK city?
Bonus: According to the Iraqi Prime Minister the recapture of which city could be an opportunity for the country to end its political turmoil? 
16. In an eventful week for Johnny Depp his mother died, his wife announced she was divorcing him and he appeared on TV to say Australia’s deputy Prime Minister looked like he had been inbred with what?
17. Which football team won the cup final for the first time in 114 years?
18. Former BBC Breakfast host Sian Williams revealed that she has undergone which operation?
19. Offenders who break new laws will face up to seven years in prison under which act which came into force at midnight on Wednesday?
20. Texan mother Candace Payne broke Facebook records with 145 million hits and appeared on The Late Late Show and Good Morning America - all because of an impromptu purchase of what?

Answers here

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