Thursday, 19 May 2016

17 glorious years of attacking the devil

An erudition of editors from The Northern Echo: Allan Prosser, Pete Barron, David Flintham (now Kernek) and me

I had a cracking day in London today to celebrate Pete Barron’s 17 years as editor of The Northern Echo. Four former Echo editors, Pete, me, Allan Prosser and David Flintham (now Kernek) were joined by Pete’s deputy editor Chris Lloyd, Metro editor Ted Young (who was once the Echo's Newton Aycliffe reporter so had no real justification for being there) and former Westminster Press editorial director Nick Herbert. The wine and stories flowed at the Reform Club … and we all agreed there had to be a book written or a TV series made. Maybe a historical comedy! We presented Pete with a nice bottle of red, wine glasses and a decanter engraved with the line '17 glorious years of attacking the devil’ … a reference to the Echo’s second editor WT Stead's letter on his appointment. Thanks to everyone for a special day, particularly Ted (he was welcome really) for the organisational skills and Allan for the speech. Most importantly, good luck to Pete. Seventeen years of riding an increasingly volatile tiger is quite an amazing achievement. 

Nick Herbert, Pete Barron, Allan Prosser, Ted Young, Chris Lloyd, David Kernek and me

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