Friday, 12 August 2016

Phoebe and Rod win the newsquiz

The MailOnline trainees have been on the second week of their course in London. They have had video training with Tom Mavro-Michaelis and Lisa Snell, systems training with Nick Enoch and a session on social media with Tara Brady. The rest of the time they have been with me, finding stories and learning about headlines and style. Giulia Crouch had a story published on the website ... a heartbreaking interview with the parents of a nine-year-old boy, who appeared on Children in Need, and whose funeral was today. Read it here. 

As usual we finished the week with the newsquiz. This week's winners were Phoebe Weston and Rod Ardehali with 14.5 each, narrowly beating Isolde Walters and Jess Walford with 14. Last week's quiz was clearly a tough one with the best online score by Sophie Jamieson with 14.5 narrowly beating Janet Boyle with 14. Here's this week's quiz. As usual 25 questions about the week's events. Let me know how you get on.

Judge drops the QC-bomb (Questions 7 and 8)
1. The first gold medal of the Olympics went to 19-year-old Virginia Thrasher of the US in which sport?
2. Who gained a gold by beating his own World Record time of  57.13?
3. Joe Clarke won a medal in which sport?
4. American swimmer Michael Phelps collected his 26th Olympic medal by winning the 200 metres freestyle medley in Rio on Friday morning (BST). How many of those 26 medals are gold?
5. Michael Phelps celebrated one of his gold medals by kissing his baby son. What is his son's name?
6. Who tweeted about a front page of The Daily Telegraph, saying: ‘I am very surprised by this picture? Is it for real?’
7. What was the name of the judge who told defendant John Hennigan: ‘You’re a bit of a c*** yourself’.
8. At which court was the judge in Question 7 presiding?
9. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor died this week. How was he better known?
10. Tennis player Gabriella Taylor, who claims to have been poisoned at Wimbledon, was diagnosed as having Leptospirosis, a disease caused by bacterium that is transmitted via what?
11. A ten-year-old boy died on the world’s biggest waterslide in Kansas. What is the name of the slide?
12. Professor Alexis Jay is to be the new chairman for the inquiry into child sex abuse in England and Wales. Which high profile inquiry did she previously oversee?
13. Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said: 'There are _____ that have come back to the party and they certainly don’t have the best interests of the Labour Party at heart.' What is the missing word?
14. What kind of people did Donald Trump suggest may be able to thwart Hillary Clinton?
15. Antonio Horta-Osario is the chief executive of which company?
16. Police were called to a family fun day in Orsett, Essex, after parents complained about attractions including a castle made of crisp boxes. What was the event called?
17. Nadiya Hussain and Allegra McEvedyare are to be the new judges of what?
18. Father Edward Daly, who died this week, became famous when he was photographed doing what during Bloody Sunday in 1972?
19. Manchester United paid a world record transfer fee of how much for Juventus footballer Paul Pogba?
20. Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, who lost his fight to remain in Broadmoor, now calls himself by which surname?
21. Name the resort town in Thailand where four bombs exploded killing two people.
22. Who was the first contestant to be announced for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing?
23. Three Foxtons estate agents have been sacked after fighting with Class War activists outside whose home?
24. Members of RMT and the TSSA will go on weekend strikes in August, planning to disrupt Eurostar services. What does RMT and TSSA stand for? Half point for each.
25. Jamie Oliver described the weight of his new born baby son as the same as 16 packs of what?

Answers here

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