Friday, 9 September 2016

Alex wins the newsquiz - can you do better?

I have been with 20 Daily Mail trainees in Kensington this week. They are a very bright and mixed bunch - some are subs, some reporters and some sports online journalists. They had sessions with former trainees Mark Duell, Tom Belcher and Mail managing editor Alex Bannister. They also had fascinating safety training today with Charlie McGrath.
The rest of the time they have been learning Mail style and writing stories and headlines. It was a particularly good week for Daniel Matthews who was the first trainee on the course to be published. You can read his story here.

MailOnline exclusive by trainee Daniel Matthews
As usual we finished with the newsquiz, just to make sure they are reading the paper and the website. Well done to Alex Tyndall who was this week’s winner with 17 points, beating Eleanor Hayward who scored 14.
Last week’s top online quiz scorer was Nigel Pauley with a very impressive 18. The top team score was by Lydia Willgress and James Dunn with 17, narrowly beating the Batstone Collective with 16.
Here’s this week’s quiz … as usual 25 questions about the week’s events. Let me know how you get on. 

How the Sunday Mirror broke the Vaz story (Questions 1 to 3)
1. According to the Sunday Mirror revelations, what did Keith Vaz tell two European male prostitutes his job was?
2. What is Keith Vaz’s parliamentary constituency?
3. Following the revelations, Keith Vaz stood down as chairman of which committee?  
4. Julia Quenzler, a leading court artist, is supplying drawings for a fictional trial on which programme?  
5. Why was Nicholas Chamberlain in the headlines?
6. How long was the prison sentence given to radical preacher Anjem Choudary?
7. Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner said: 'The cat is out of the bag: Behind closed doors the Tories are planning a return to the bad old days of _____’. What is the missing word?

8. Nine people were charged after a Black Lives Matter demo at London City airport. How did they reach the airport? 
9. Theresa May, while at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, said the UK’s relations with China are 'about more than _____’ What is the missing word?
10. Isabelle Dinoire, 49, died in France this week. Why was she famous?
11. Which airline’s magazine has apologised after warning its readers to take precautions when visiting parts of London mainly populated by 'Indians, Pakistanis and black people’?
12. Who carried the flag for team GB at the opening of the Paralympics Games?
13. Dame Sarah Storey became Britain's most successful female Paralympian of all time by winning her 12th gold medal on the opening day in Rio. How many Olympic medals does she have in total?
14. Sports Direct’s chairman’s offer to resign was rejected by the company. Name him.
15. Name the entertainment and communications group which is buying Formula One.
16. Why was schoolgirl Beau Jessup in the news this week? 
17. A French family of ten have turned down a five-bedroom council house, saying it is too small. In which town do they live? 
18. The founder of the Barmy Army has urged fans not to make non-refundable travel arrangements to which country?
19. Headteacher Matthew Tate sent 50 pupils home for wearing the wrong clothes. Name the school.
20. Why was Cheshire florist Stephen Leyland featured in Rumiyah magazine?
21. Whose daughter married sand sculptor Andrew Robertson in Kent?
22. According to Hillary Clinton which organisation is praying that Donald Trump wins the presidency?
23. More than 100 people were trapped in cable cars above which mountain?
24. What colour was the beret stolen from Eddie Izzard at the pro Europe rally in London?
25. Which word scored 176 points to help Brett Smitheram become Scrabble World Champion?

Answers here

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