Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A look at today's Trump front pages

Well, that was a night for newsrooms to remember. Trump's triumph and Clinton's demise were pored over in detail on social media. It was fascinating and emotional to watch and a far cry from my days at the newsroom coalface when it was all about print. The newspapers themselves are still important though and there were some strong front pages around today. Here's my pick.

The New York Daily News produced some robust anti-Trump front pages throughout the campaign - and it has sent a clear message that it isn't going to dilute them now. The News couldn't even bring itself to use a picture of the President-elect on Page 1. Given that Trump has called reporters 'lying, disgusting people', we can look forward to a feisty four years.

The Australian press isn't afraid to speak as it finds - and doesn't shy away from colourful language either. Here's Sydney's Daily Telegraph. WTF stands for Will Trump Flourish. Of course it does.

Le Journal de Montreal expresses a similar sentiment 

El Periódicothe centre-left Catalan newspaper based in Barcelona, uses a photograph of Trump in full flow. The headline says God forgive America. No sitting on the fence here. 

Elsewhere in Europe there was a clear lack of enthusiasm for America's choice. You don't need to speak German to work out that the Hamburger Morgenpost is not impressed. 

The power of tight cropping is demonstrated well by France's Liberation. Trumpocalypse needs no translation. 

Germany's Märkische Allgemeine appeared to offer a brief glimmer of hope to Clinton supporters waking up to the news. But the paper was just employing that old trick of having a mirror page that newsagents can turn around according to the result. The Daily Star in Lebanon did the same thing four years ago.

Back in America, the New York Post, unusually, played a fairly straight bat

The New York Times and The Washington Post use the same Trump triumphs headline in the same position.

USA Today and The Wall Street Journal both go for President Trump. USA Today has big display at the top and plenty of detail below the fold. A strong broadsheet page.  
The Chicago Sun Times calls on Trump's Apprentice days ... a headline and picture working together.

The San Francisco Examiner mentions the rage. The Born Golden advert has to be deliberate.

Back in Australia there is Shock and Awe in the Herald Sun ...

... and Revolution in The Sydney Morning Herald.

A Birmingham News page inadvertently appeared briefly online - showing what might have been. But it was soon replaced by the real front.

And in the UK ... here's the The Press and Journal in Aberdeen.

The Manchester Evening News. Bat out of Hell is a good advert for the occasion ... it could easily have been the main headline.

And here's this afternoon's London Evening Standard. Given everybody in the world knows Trump won, I am surprised a bigger show isn't given to the Croydon tram crash.

I look forward to some creative and dynamic front pages by the British papers tomorrow - although newsrooms will be torn between this and the events in Croydon. 

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