Friday, 30 June 2017

The newsquiz - 25 questions about the week

The top scorer in last week's newsquiz was Janet Boyle with 20, narrowly ahead of Toby Brown on 19. Other high scorers were Gavin Devine on 17 and Dominic Hurst on 16. The top team was Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe with 16. Here is this week's quiz, As usual there are 25 questions about the week's events. Let me know how you get on.

Headline of the week, on a Government under pressure, goes to Metro 
1. What was signed by Gavin Williamson and Sir Jeffrey Donaldson?
2. A Labour amendment to the Queen’s speech, calling for an end to cuts to emergency services and to caps on pay rises for public sector workers, was defeated by a Government majority of how many?
3. Why were Catherine West, Ruth Cadbury and Andy Slaughter sacked?
4. Labour MP Stella Creasy tabled an amendment to the Queen's Speech calling for all Northern Irish women to be able to do what?
5. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the Scottish Parliament that ‘having listened and reflected, the Scottish government will ____ the plan I set out on 13 March’. What is the missing word?
6. What is the name of the retired judge who will head the inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire?
7. Jerome Barson, 78, died after being involved in a crash with a car driven by which celebrity?

8. Jeremy Corbyn quoted which Percy Bysshe Shelly poem while on stage at Glastonbury?
9. Which television presenter faced calls for his resignation after allegedly chanting ‘Fuck the Tories’ at Glastonbury?
10. The six men charged with offences relating to 95 deaths at Hillsborough include policemen David Duckenfield and Norman Bettison. Name any two of the other four.
11. Speaker John Bercow announced that male MPs who wished to speak in the House of Commons would no longer have to do what?
12. The EU fined Google a record-breaking sum for abusing its internet search monopoly. How much, in euros, was the fine?

13. Why was 38-year-old Wayne Marques in the headlines?
14. Radical preacher Tarik Chadlioui was arrested at his home in Birmingham at the request of which country’s police force?
15. Andy Murray will be the men’s No 1 seed for the first time at Wimbledon? Who is the top seeded woman?
16. This writer's characters included The Herbs (Parsley, Sage and Dill) and Monsieur Pamplemousse. Who is he?
17. CCTV footage showed 53-year-old Simon Smith being knocked down by a bus, then getting up and walking into a pub in which town?
18. Captain Megan Couto became the first woman to do what?
19. Britain’s largest and most powerful ship ever to be built 
was described by Russia as an easy target as it began sea trials. What is the ship called?
20. A FIFA report revealed that David Cameron asked which country’s delegation to back England’s 2018 World Cup bid?
21. What was first unveiled in Enfield in north London on June 27 1967?

22. Why did Portugal’s football captain Cristiano Ronaldo fly home early from the FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia?
23. Gayle Newland, 27, was found guilty at Manchester Crown Court of tricking a friend into what?
24. Who was the summer-holiday relief presenter on Radio 2’s the Jeremy Vine Show this week?
25. Shopkeeper Jel Singh Nagra, threated with legal action by Sainsbury’s after calling his store Singhsbury’s, changed its name to what?

Answers here

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