Friday, 9 June 2017

Exhilarating night for the newsroom warriors

The view in the newsroom. A picture posted on Twitter by Metro assistant editor Chris Cowley with the words 'This has been my view for the last 14 hours. Just two more hours to go and two more editions!'
Well done to the newsrooms. Election nights are the times when there is the biggest buzz. All the planning, predictions and polls are in the hands of the public and, as a journalist, you have six hours from 10pm to 4am to watch it all unfold. Nothing much happens early on. The first editions lead on exit polls but you know full well they will be out of date by the time people are picking up your paper tomorrow. Then slowly, a picture emerges until you have a definitive final edition. Then you might grab some breakfast, maybe a shower and change of clothes and start on the fallout stories. There will be no sleep. Here are the results of the labours of the newsroom warriors.

The award for the most innovative front page must go to The New European with its graffiti on the door of No 10. The headline has the added bonus of working for the last two residents.

Metro is one of the few papers to focus on Corbyn's success rather than May's failure. It is a powerful front page - not least because of its surprise factor. It's a great headline too. Earlier its holding story was of course on the exit poll - which this time got it right. 

A smiling thumbs up picture of Jeremy Corbyn also features on the front of the Daily Mirror. It changed at 5am for a much stronger and better cropped image. Cor blimey (for younger readers) is a quaint version of f**k me. It sums up how just about everyone must be feeling this morning. Earlier the Mirror went with Theresa May hanging by a thread.

Cor Blimey is also favoured by the Mirror's sister paper the Liverpool Echo ... although it probably isn't a much-used Scouse expression.

The Sun, of course, had thrown its weight behind Theresa May. It moves through the night from Mayhem to Theresa Dismay. A bad night for the Tories, but a good night for puns. 

The Scottish Sun has both Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon hung out to dry ... with an interesting Stinging in the rain strapline.

The Press and Journal in Aberdeen also goes for a Dismay headline.

The Edinburgh Evening News certainly does well in the pun stakes ... Hung, drawn and not sorted. Love it!  

And if we are thinking puns I quite like City AM's Mayday. It works well with the picture and is certainly a big improvement on its earlier Election shock. 

May Day is also used by The Scotsman with a nice sense of urgency and smart cutouts of the leading ladies. 

I spent many a happy (and unhappy) election night in The Northern Echo newsroom. It too went for May Day. 

The Manchester Evening News perhaps uses May Day biggest and boldest - real urgency here. It later changes it for Poll axed - another good line. 

The Daily Mail, another May supporter, starts the night on a knife edge and finishes with Theresa on the ropes. The failed gamble is a theme than runs through many of today's front pages. 

The Times updates its failed gamble to a nightmare for its 3.30am edition ... and asks What next for Britain? A key question. 

The Daily Telegraph sticks with the backfiring gamble - which really does sum all this up perfectly. Earlier the rare use of the word 'shock appears in its splash headline. In this instance, though, it is justified. 

The Guardian goes from shock to stuns in its headlines. Corbyn stuns the Tories, above the thumbs up picture, pretty much sums up the last six hours. 

There are only subtle changes to the FT's display. The gamble backfires according to the exit polls ... and then according to reality.

The Daily Express sticks with its line all night .... throwing the story forward to whether Theresa May can stay in power. It updates the picture though. It keeps another blond leader in trouble in the blurb. 

The Daily Star affectionately refers to Theresa May as Tezza in its earlier edition but later switches for Mayhem as Tory gamble fails, which is a very good headline. Tezza stays in the subhead until the final edition when she is replaced by Theresa.

Black and blue works well for a bruised Theresa May in the digital Independent.

The i goes from Britain hanging ... to the ubiquitous backfiring gamble.

The Herald in Glasgow goes for the failed gamble with equal picture billing for May and Corbyn. 

The Evening Chronicle in Newcastle goes for Mayhem (the same as The Sun and the Star) with a really brutal crop of Theresa May's face.

The Yorkshire Post reckons May's future is in grave doubt ... hard to argue with that. Another picture of May in grim mode.

Bold display and a strong picture from the Eastern Daily Press.

The Belfast Telegraph reports on a night of turmoil and speculates that the DUP may hold the balance of power.

The News Letter quite clearly relishes the prospect of the DUP's role.  

The National magnanimously thanks those SNP MPs who lost their seats. 

Well done to all the journalists who certainly earned their corn. Looks like another busy day ahead too.

Thanks as always to Tomorrow's Papers Today.  

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