Saturday, 22 July 2017

Germania and Megan win US newsquiz

The trainees are three weeks into their training in New York and have had another couple of stories published. 

Megan Sheets brought in a story about a mini pig with 200,000 Instagram followers that helped raised $4,000 for a food bank by participating in a rubber duck derby. You can read it (and see the amazing pictures) here.

Marlene Lenthang also wrote a really nice story, with cracking photographs, about a couple with Down’s Syndrome children who were inspired to set up an amazing cafe. Read it here. Good work by Megan and Marlene. 

This week’s speakers included health editor Mia de Graaf, operations manager Andy Abrahams, Femail editor Charlie Lankston, social media’s Chynna Mela, video editor Lindsay Meeks and senior reporter Chris Spargo

Best headline awards went to Megan Sheets, Danielle Zoellner and Mollie Cahillane.

We finished as always with the newsquiz. Megan and Germania Rodriguez were the top scorers with 11, narrowly beating Danielle on ten. Below is the quiz. Let me know if you beat their score.

Sean Spicer resigns - see question 4

1. What do Shelley Moore Capito, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have in common?
2. According to Donald Trump how long was his second meeting with Vladimir Putin during dinner for world leaders at the G20 summit in Germany?
3. Who said that Donald Trump is finding it much easier to stamp your name on buildings, on steaks and on online university courses than it is to actually run Washington, D.C. and get significant legislation passed’?
4. Sean Spicer resigned as White House Press Secretary after Donald Trump offered New York financier Anthony Scaramucci which position?
5. Who did President Donald Trump say 'gave some bad answers. He gave some answers that were simple questions and should have been simple answers, but they weren’t?’
6. Who said: 'I'll be back. I've been through worse.’
7. What is the name of the dog that rescued a deer that was drowning off a beach at Long Island?
8. Why was wealthy Manhattan investor Michael Loeb, 62, arrested at a charity barbecue at his Hamptons mansion?
9. What was the name of the bride-to-be who was shot dead by a police officer in Minneapolis?
10. Betsy Hodges wrote a blog calling for more to be done to ensure officers' bodycams are always turned on. What is Betsy Hodges’ position?
11. Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who was found hanged, was how old?
12. Guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch has been criticised for calling Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington a 'coward’ on Facebook, saying 'giving up on your kids, fans, and life is the cowardly way out.’ Which band is Welch in?
13. OJ Simpson appeared before the Nevada parole board this week. Where is he serving time?
14. OJ Simpson was granted parole after serving nine years of his sentence for armed robbery. How long was the original sentence?
15. Disney star and social media 'influencer' Jake Paul, 20, has been accused of terrorizing his West Hollywood neighbors. Which character does he portray on the Disney Channel's Bizaardvark?
16. Where was Linda Wenzel found?
17. Why was 21-year-old Jocelyn Savage in the headlines?
18. How much did a bag, originally used by Neil Armstrong, containing traces of moon dust sell for at a Sotheby’s auction?
19. A helicopter that was forced to make an emergency off Long Island's Gilgo Beach was chartered by the son of the founder of which entertainment organisation?
20. Justin Bieber has been banned from performing where due to his 'bad behaviour' both on and off stage?
21. A son of Cecil the lion suffered the same fate as his father …  being shot by trophy hunters in Zimbabwe. Name him
22. Ed Sheeran appeared as a musician who strums a campfire song and shares blackberry wine in which TV programme?
23. What is the name of the controversial proposed show, by the creators of Game of Thrones, about an alternate reality, where slavery is still legal?
24. Authorities in Florida said a group of teenagers aged 14 to 16 broke no laws when they were filmed doing what?
25. Glenna Duram, 49, was convicted of first-degree murder in Michigan after killing her husband in a crime witnessed only by who?

Answers here

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