Friday, 14 July 2017

The newsquiz - 25 questions about the week

Well done to Elly Rewcastle who was last week's top scorer in the newsquiz with 18.5 points. The nearest to her were Ian Watt on 15.5 and Gavin Devine on 15. The top team was the Penman Partnership with 16.5. Here is this week's quiz. As usual there are 25 questions about the week. Let me know how you get on. 

Give us hope Johanna: The Sun asks readers to sing along and help Konta into the Wimbledon final. (Question 13)

1. Who warned that Brexit may still not happen and said his party still wants a second referendum?
2. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said of the EU’s ‘extortionate' final payment from the UK on Brexit: ‘_____ _____ seems to me to be an entirely appropriate expression.’ What are the missing two words?
3. Why was Anne Marie Morris, the MP for Newton Abbot, suspended by the Conservative party?
4. In a debate on public sector pay in the House of Lords it was revealed that the highest paid Chancellor in Britain - who has 66 staff earning more than £100,000 - is from which university?
5. What did Fabian Picardo warn could not be traded 'like pawns in a chess game’?
6. The American neurologist invited to Britain by a High Court judge said Charlie Gard’s chances of life could be improved by up to what per cent by experimental treatment? 
7. What is the name of the British PR executive who organised the meeting between Donald Trump Jr and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya? 
8. Who did Donald Trump say was 'in such good shape’?
9. The Government is to set up an inquiry into how contaminated blood transfusions in the 1970s and 80s infected people with hepatitis C and HIV. According to the campaign group Tainted Blood how many people have died?
10. What ruling did ex-cavalry officer John Walker, 66, win in the Supreme Court?
11. St Albans Crown Court heard that Ian Stewart, who murdered author Helen Bailey, to get her near-£4m fortune, pocketed £10,000 from her murder - and spent a third of it on what?
12. Andy Murray lost in the Wimbledon quarter-finals to which player?
13. Venus Williams beat Britain No 1 Johanna Konta in the semi-final. How many times has Williams now reached a Wimbledon singles final?
14. TV host Kirstie Allsopp provoked a debate after posting on Twitter that it is disgusting to do what?
15. It emerged this week that John Downey received £50,000 in legal aid to defend himself against accusations that he committed which act?
16. Scott Parker and Hayden Cross both claimed to be the first what?
17. Who flew back from Spain to England to attend the funeral of six-year-old Bradley Lowery?
18. Which company took Julie Lavelle and her partner Michael McIntyre to court?
19. Why was Rhodri Philipps, the 4th Viscount St Davids, jailed for 12 weeks?
20. Janice St Fort, 58, died in hospital following a battle with cancer. Who is her famous son?
21. What was the name of the Madrid festival where a British acrobat fell to his death just before Green Day's performance?
22. Harper Beckham celebrated her birthday at a party at Buckingham Palace hosted by Prince Andrew’s ex wife Sarah Ferguson. Which birthday was Harper celebrating?
23. Retired TV producer David Harris, 68, was jailed at the Old Bailey for 17 years after attempting to pay three hitmen to murder his partner. Which television series did he work on?
24. How was New Zealander Gayleen McEwan, 57, killed?
25. Who took over Southern Rail’s Twitter account?

Answers here

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