Friday, 22 September 2017

Can you beat Huw's newsquiz score?

The Mail's trainee subs and some of their pages
The Daily Mail trainee subs had a good week creating pages on InDesign and Photoshop with Mike Brough and learning features subbing with Fiona Webster
Sports trainee Nathan Salt spent time in the sports department and one of his stories, on the youngsters being given a chance in the Caraboa Cup, was published. You can read it here

Nathan's story on young talents in the Carabao Cup
The trainees out on placement were chalking up success stories too. Faye White wrote the splash in yesterday's Irish Daily Mail while Courtney Bartlett worked in the London newsroom on stories including the murder of a head teacher from Taunton. 

Faye White's splash in the Irish Daily Mail
The MailOnline trainees were also busy. Bridie Pearson-Jones wrote the splash in the Oxford Mail today on the parents facing a £100,000 hospital bill. Connor Boyd had a good story on a mother who lost nine-stone by giving up cheese in the Sunday Post and Amanda Cashmore had the splash in the Sunday Sun with a story about a young woman facing deportation. Meanwhile Kate Buck's report on her day-trip to North Korea was well-read on MailOnline.
The Daily Telegraph course started in Howden this week too where Mark Wray, Paul Jones and Malcolm Starbrook put the trainees through their paces.
Both sets of trainees finished the week with the newsquiz. Last week's top online scorer was Lydia Willgress (aided by pizza) with 19, narrowly ahead of Dominic Hurst's 18.5.
This week's top trainee was Mail sub-editor Huw Oliver with 16.5. The Telegraph trainee was Jamie Johnson with 12. Give it a go and see if you can beat Huw's score.  
The newsquiz

1. TFL said it would withdraw Uber’s London licence from September 30 but would give the company how many days to lodge an appeal?
2. One of the reasons TFL gave for withdrawing Uber’s licence was its use of software that could block regulatory bodies from 'gaining full access to the app and prevent officials from undertaking law enforcement duties.’ What is the software called?
3. The venue for Theresa May’s major Brexit speech was one of Florence’s most famous churches. Name it. 
4. Asked whether there was a Cabinet split on Europe, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: 'No, we are a Government working together. We are a ____ ____ _____ ____.’ What are the four missing words?
5. Theresa May warned technology companies, including Google and Facebook, they will face punishing fines unless they remove terrorist propaganda within what timescale?
6. Who admitted this week: 'We make mistakes. This time we made a major boo boo’?
7. According to a study by researchers Oxford Economics what two things that people do are the real keys to happiness? Half a point for each
8. Tata Steel Europe, which employs 4,000 in Port Talbot, has agreed a merger with a rival from which country?
9. US President Donald Trump told the UN general assembly that ‘____ ____ is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime’. What are the missing two words?
10. Which 14th century English word, meaning an old person especially one who has become weak or senile, did Kim Jong-un use to describe Donald Trump, saying he would tame him with fire?
11. The 18-year-old Iraqi refugee suspect who was arrested in the Parsons Green bombing was fostered by a couple in which town?
12. The former MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, who served as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, announced she was suffering from brain cancer. What is her name?
13. According to the Office for National Statistics, Oliver and Olivia were the most popular names in England and Wales in 2016, but which names came second in the lists for boys and girls? Half a point for each.
14. What does French chef S├ębastien Bras no longer want?
15. A chant aimed at a Premier League footballer has been described as a ‘racist’ and a 'cheap and insulting stereotype’. Who is the player?
16. The boxer who inspired the film Raging Bull has died aged 95. Name him.
17. Former head teacher Emma Kelty from Taunton was murdered trying to kayak the length of what?
18. Liliane Bettencourt, the world’s richest woman with an estimated worth of £30billion, died this week aged 94. She was the heiress to which cosmetics firm?
19. Wayne Rooney was given a two-year driving ban, after pleading guilty to drink driving, and also ordered to do how many hours of unpaid work?
20. Why was Sir Christopher Geidt in the news?
21. William G Stewart, who died aged 84, hosted which Channel 4 quiz show from 1988 to 2003?
22. Sue and Noel Radford, the parents of Britain's biggest family, welcomed baby number 20. What is he called?
23. It emerged that Frida Sofia never existed … but who was she originally believed to be?
24. England women’s team manager Mark Sampson was sacked by the FA for 'inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour' in his previous managerial role. Where was that role?
25. A Polish drinks company changed the name of its lemonade after lawyers said it infringed the trademark and personal rights of their famous client. What was the drink called?

Answers here

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