Friday, 29 September 2017

Huw wins the newsquiz Champagne

The trainees with Huw holding the Champagne
The Daily Mail trainee subs finished their training in Kensington this week. They had sessions with senior subs including Jenny Ryan, Michael Owens, Tom Belcher and Chris Dean. Sports trainee Nathan Salt spent most of his week on the sports desk where he had four stories published, including a piece on the European Fantasy Football team of the week. 

You can read it here. Meanwhile the reporting trainees, who are now on their placements, continue to deliver good stories including Jake Hurfurt’s spread in the Irish Mail on Sunday on Dublin’s housing crisis.

As always we finished the week with the newsquiz. The top scorer among the Mail’s trainees was Huw Oliver with 15.5, making him a comfortable winner over the four weeks. He collected a bottle of Champagne as his prize. Some of the trainees head off on placement now while Tessa Jones heads back to her job as a sub on Weekend magazine. I wish them well on the next stage.
In Howden the Daily Telegraph trainees were on the second week of their course. They had sessions with Paul Jones, David BanksErrol Murray, Andy Mackenzie and Silvia Costeloe. They too finished with the newsquiz and the top scorer, also with 15.5, was Jamie Johnson
Last week's online top solo scorer in the newsquiz was Jake Hurfurt with 17 while the top team were the drinkers in the Three Legs brewery. Here is this week's quiz. Give it a go, see if you can beat Huw and Jamie's 15.5 and let me know how you get on. 

The newsquiz

1. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told the party conference in Brighton that ‘we are now the political ______’. What is the missing word?
2. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said Labour would take control of almost £60billion worth of PFI contracts. What does PFI stand for?
3. Who asked Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell five times whether he would support illegal strikes - and got no answer?
4. Labour MP Emma Dent Coad admitted she might have been wrong but refused to apologise for her comments about whom?
5. The Conservative Party conference will be held in which city next week?
6. How many seats in the German parliament did Alternative für Deutschland win?
7. What is the name of Alternative für Deutschland’s co-leader who quit after leading her party into third place in the German elections?
8. The UK's Civil Aviation Authority gave Ryanair a deadline to correct its compensation policy for passengers after thousands of its flights were cancelled. What exactly (time and date) was the deadline?
9. Michelin star chef Mark Sergeant was involved in a row with food inspectors from Shepway council over the way his Rocksalt restaurant in Folkestone cooked what?
10. Oxford student Lavinia Woodward, who stabbed her lover with a breadknife, was given a prison sentence which was suspended for 18 months. How long was the prison sentence for?
11. Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes said she used to do what every day to try to overcome the anguish caused by injuries she thought would threaten her career?
12. Liz Dawn, who died age 77, played which Coronation Street character for more than 30 years?
13. Gareth Barry, playing for West Bromwich Albion against Arsenal, broke Ryan Giggs’s record for the most Premier League appearances and was presented with a shirt by Arsene Wenger that had the number on the back. What was the number?
14. Who famously said: 'I am a kid in a candy store. I dreamed impossible dreams …. I'm the luckiest cat on the planet’?
15. Actor Tony Booth who died this week had two famous daughters, Cherie Blair and Lauren Booth, but how many daughters did he have in total?
16. Why was two-year-old Emily Henson in the headlines?
17. Name the computer check-in system which crashed at airports around the world.
18. The largest supplier of chicken to UK supermarkets has been accused of tampering with food safety records and altering the slaughter date of poultry? What is the group called?
19. Prince Harry was joined by girlfriend Meghan Markel for their first official engagement together at the wheelchair tennis semi-finals at the Invictus games. Which two teams were playing? Half a point for each.
20. England cricketer Ben Stokes was arrested after a brawl outside which Bristol nightclub?
21. What did George Clooney, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Pharrell Williams and Bette Midler all publicly support?
22. Which ‘historic’ royal order, which was announced this week, will be implemented by June 24, 2018?
23. Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero was injured in a car crash in Amsterdam, hours after attending a concert by whom?
24. An Audrey Hepburn script fetched a record £632,000 at auction. Which film was it for?
25. JK Rowling tweeted: 'Incompetent clowns in power and the opposition turning into a solipsistic personality cult. I'm so ****ing depressed. Send ____ pictures.’ What is the missing word?

Answers here

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