Friday, 6 October 2017

Izzy wins newsquiz with 13.5

The Daily Telegraph trainees spent the first half of the week at the Press Association offices in Howden, doing story-finding with Chris van Schaick, data with Paul Bradshaw and Ashley Kirk and longform digital with Giles Wilson. They ended the week at the PA offices in London, doing visual journalism with Martin Keene and Alex Rothwell, social media with Steve Jones and a briefing with Mark Wray. They finished as always with the newsquiz. The top scorer this week was Izzy Lyons with 13.5. Well done to her. Last week’s newsquiz was clearly a tough one and nobody online scored higher than the 15.5 that trainees Jamie Johnson and Huw Oliver delivered in classroom conditions. This week’s quiz, hopefully, isn’t quite as difficult. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.
Theresa May was centre stage of the week's news (Questions 1 to 5)
1. Which two letters fell off the display behind Theresa May while she was giving her party conference speech? Half a point for each.
2. What is the real name of the prankster, also known as Lee Nelson, who was arrested after giving Theresa May a P45 he claimed was from Boris Johnson?
3. In her speech Theresa May said ‘for 30 or 40 years we simply haven’t built enough homes. As a result, prices have risen so much that the average home now costs almost _____ times average earnings.’ What is the missing word?
4. Theresa May paid tribute to student Alexander Paul, who has died age 21, and said his talk at conference three years ago had helped the Tories to reduce what by two thirds?
5. Tory rebel Grant Shapps said: ‘A growing number of my colleagues realise the solution isn’t to bury our heads in the sand and hope things will get better. It never got better for ____ and ____ and I don’t think it’s going to work out here either.’ What are the two missing names? Half a point for each.
6. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said which Libyan city could be the new Dubai, adding that 'all they have to do is clear the dead bodies away’?
7. Stephen Paddock killed 58 people from a suite on what floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas?
8. What did US Marine veteran Taylor Winston return to its owner with an apology for the bloodstains?
9. The National Rifle Association in America called for 'additional regulations' on a device which Stephen Paddock used to turn his semi-automatic rifles into rapid-fire weapons. What is the device known as?
10. A report into claims that former Prime Minister Ted Heath sexually abused children was prepared by which county's police force?
11. The police report said had Ted Heath still been alive he would have been interviewed under caution over how many claims of sexual abuse or rape?
12. What is the name of the Catalan leader who has called for independence to be declared next week?
13. What was banned by the Scottish government after a consultation found overwhelming public opposition and little economic justification for it?
14. Which company announced a first half pre-tax profit of £562million and announced it would pay its first dividend for three years?
15. There were last-gasp goals for Scotland and England football teams to give them 1-0 wins in their World Cup qualifiers on Thursday. Name both scorers. Half a point each.
16. KPMG made 1,858 staff from which company redundant on Monday?
17. Heartbreaker and Traveling Wilbury Tom Petty died this week. How old was he?
18. Archaeologists in Turkey have unearthed a tomb that they believe belonged to whom?
19. Army sergeant Emile Cilliers appeared at Winchester Crown Court accused of trying to murder his wife by tampering with what?
20. Terminally ill Noel Conway, 67, lost his High Court challenge against the law on assisted dying. Which disease is he suffering from?
21. The European commission ordered Amazon to repay €250million (£222million) in illegal state aid to which country?
22. Why was Aaron Barley in the headlines?
23. A fire crew was suspended from community work after a firefighter was filmed at a fire station in Southend doing what?
24. What did British writer Kazuo Ishiguro describe as 'flabbergastingly flattering’?
25. Chizzy Akudolu said she was ‘really sad’ to be the first what?

Answers here

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