Friday, 13 October 2017

Jamie wins newsquiz - can you do better?

The top scorer in last week’s quiz was Toby Brown with 18, narrowly beating Mark Hughes on 17. This week The Daily Telegraph trainees have had a good week in Howden with sessions by Chris van Schaick on writing for different formats, Christine Garrington on podcasting, David Banks on advanced media law and Jess McAree on law, ethics and IPSO. They finished, as usual with the newsquiz. This week’s winner is Jamie Johnson with 13. Here’s the quiz - 25 questions about the week. Give it a go and see if you can beat Jamie's score.

1. The 41-year-old wife of producer Harvey Weinstein said she was leaving him following allegations of sexual harassment saying his actions were ‘unforgivable’. What is her name?
2. Labour MPs signed a letter to Theresa May calling for what to be taken away from Harvey Weinstein?
3. TV presenter Myleene Klass said she was offered a 'sex contract’ by Harvey Weinstein while interviewing him at what event in 2010?
4. The hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter was used in support of which actress, one of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged victims, who had her Twitter account suspended? 
5. The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier said at the Brexit negotiations: 'We have reached a state of _____ which is very disturbing for thousands of project promoters in Europe and it’s disturbing also for taxpayers.’ What is the missing word?
6. Chancellor Philip Hammond said it was 'theoretically conceivable’ that what could be suspended on the day Britain leaves the EU?
7. Who said that Philip Hammond was 'very close to sabotage' in his approach to Brexit?
8. A security guard, claiming he was sacked for no reason from Tesco, spent a night protesting on the supermarket's roof in which town?
9. The Food Standards Agency said children, pregnant women and elderly people can now safely eat raw or lightly cooked eggs that are produced under what code of practice?
10. Students at Balliol college at Oxford University stopped which organisation from attending the freshers' fair because they wanted it to be a 'safe and secular space’?
11. Tesco confirmed it would extend which deadline by at least a week?
12. Britain's most wanted female terrorist nicknamed the White Widow, and who also used the name Umm Hussain al-Britan, has reportedly been killed in a drone strike. What was her British name?
13. North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said: 'With his bellicose and insane statement at the United Nations, Trump, you can say, has lit the ____ of a war against us.’ What is the missing word?
14. Which country become the smallest nation ever to qualify for the football World Cup?
15. Gordon Strachan was sacked as Scotland manager after a 2-2 draw against which team ended his hopes of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup?
16. Model Lola Ogunyemi said what was taken out of context and was not racist? 
17. A village pub in Oldstead, North Yorkshire, has been named the best restaurant in the world in a TripAdvisor poll. What is it called?
18. The Met Office warned that a hurricane is crossing the Atlantic and threatens to bring gusts of up to 70mph when it hits Britain on Monday. What is the hurricane called?
19. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse heard that Rochdale MP Cyril Smith was knighted despite knowledge 'at the very highest level of politics' about allegations of his sexual abuse. What year was he knighted?
20. Sophie Stevenson, 24, claimed to have flown to Amsterdam to meet someone only to have been told she was the victim of cruel joke known as what? 
21. How did retired couple Jan and John Pascoe survive for six hours as a wildfire destroyed everything in a five-mile radius of their home above the city of Santa Rosa in California?
22. The chief executive of which company resigned, citing an 'unprecedented crisis’ despite projecting record quarterly profits?
23. Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar agreed a bet on live TV on who could lose the most weight by December with the loser donating £5,000 to which charity?
24. An inquest at Eastbourne Town Hall heard that a tourist who jumped into the air for a photograph fell 200ft from which cliffs?
25. Fashion designer Yuan Li sustained six puncture wounds when she was attacked by what in London?

Answers here

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