Friday, 27 October 2017

Here's the newsquiz - 25 questions on the week

There were some good scores in last week's newsquiz - notably 19 by both Jake Hurfurt and Ellie Rewcastle. The top teams were the Penmans on 18 and Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe with 17. The Daily Telegraph trainees were on project work today so weren't around to do the quiz. They will be back next week when they will be training with me. Here's this week's 25 questions about the week ... give it a go and let me know how you get on.    

1. Martin Selmayr took to Twitter to deny what?
2. Labour MP Jared O'Mara apologised and resigned from which committee after making misogynistic and homophobic internet postings 15 years ago?
3. Rory Stewart, an international development minister, said the only way of dealing with most British Islamic State fighters was what?
4. Downing Street said forecasts indicated Britain’s population will pass what figure before the end of the next decade?
5. Michael Bloomberg, in London to open a new European headquarters for his media company, said of Brexit: 'I thought it was the single stupidest thing any country has ever done but then we _____ _____.' What are the two missing words?
6. The Spanish Prime Minister has called on senators to approve direct rule over Catalonia amid an escalating crisis over the region's push for independence. Name the Spanish Prime Minister.
7. What title was offered - and then withdrawn - to Robert Mugabe by the World Health Organisation?
8. One Premier League team sacked its manager, another appointed a new one. Name both men. Half a point for each
9. The success of Premier Inns was a major factor in which group recording a rise in its six month pre-tax profits by a fifth to £316million?
10. David Clarke was charged with false imprisonment and possession of a sawn-off shotgun and a samurai sword in connection with a siege where?
11. She played Queen Victoria once, Queen Elizabeth II three times, Laurie Lee’s mother in Cider With Rosie and David Essex’s in That’ll Be the Day. Who is she?
12. Lewis Hamilton is poised to win his fourth world championship on Sunday at which country’s Grand Prix?
13. Magazines including Vogue, Glamour, Wired, Vanity Fair and GQ decided to stop commissioning whose work?
14. What did Highways England say it wanted to introduce to 'as many roadworks as possible’?
15. Who was named the UK’s most influential black person in the 2018 Powerlist of 100 people. 
16. Jacinda Ardern was elected as the 40th prime minister of which country?
17. Fats Domino, who died aged 89, had only one top ten hit in the UK. Name it.
18. Which high street chain announced it is to close 190 branches as a result of government cuts?
19. Why was 38-year-old adventurer Tom Morgan from Bristol in the headlines?
20. Christopher Lythgoe, alleged leader of banned neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action, was charged with calling on followers to murder which MP?
21. A memo released by the US National Archives said that which British newspaper received an anonymous call about 'some big news' in the US, 25 minutes before President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963?
22. Who described Mandip, Tosin and Bradley as ’the dream team’?
23. Little-known distance runner Eyob Faniel won which city's marathon after the favourites took a wrong turn down a cycling path and had to dodge oncoming traffic?
24. France is experiencing the worst shortage of which product since the second world war?
25. Karon Grieve was the only passenger on a Jet2 flight from Glasgow to where?

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