Friday, 20 October 2017

This week's newsquiz - 15.5 to beat

The top online score in last week’s newsquiz was 16 by Miles Dilworth. This week’s newsquiz is below. It was done by The Daily Telegraph trainees this afternoon in Howden during their session with Tim Fenton. The winner was Jamie Johnson with 15.5. Izzy Lyons scored 14. Here is the quiz - 25 questions about the week. Give it a go and see if you can beat Jamie's score.

Red October on the front of Metro. See Question 25

1. President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said Britain was 'not realistic’ in its approach to the Brexit financial settlement and used what word to describe the figure of €20billion?
2. Who tweeted 'I regret I used a poor choice of words’ and added the hashtag ‘#noenemieshere’?
3. A motion demanding a pause to the introduction of Universal Credit was passed in Parliament by how many votes?
4. Inflation rose to its highest level in five-and-a-half years. What per cent is it?
5. How does Conservative MP Tim Loughton kick off his day, saying it is like 'going to the gym for the mind’?
6. Which Hollyoaks actress claimed Harvey Weinstein raped her at her London home in 1988?
7. Actor Robert Lindsay claimed he was blacklisted for which film after a run-in with Harvey Weinstein?
8. Former Pussycat Doll singer Kaya Jones said this week: 'My truth. I wasn't in a girl group. I was in a ____ ____.’ What are the two missing words?
9. The parent company of Madame Tussauds and Alton Towers blamed tough trading caused by terror attacks in the UK and poor weather for its cut in profit expectations. What is the name of the company?
10. Which country’s government threatened to invoke article 155 of its constitution for the first time in its history?
11. What is the name of the English footballer who appeared before a parliamentary select committee and accused the FA of actions 'bordering on blackmail'?
12. Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed by a car bomb in which country?
13. Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz is set to become the world's youngest head of state and the first millennial to lead a European country. How old is he?
14. Why did Hillary Clinton say she was delayed for the filming of the BBC's Graham Norton Show?
15. American novelist George Saunders won the Man Booker prize for which book?
16. Devoted Christian Lidia Dragescu, 23, died with two suicide notes in her hand after falling 100 feet from her 'favourite place.’ Where was it?
17. New guidelines by the NHS are advising that from April 2019 GPs should ask patients who are over 16 for what information?
18. The family of murdered toddler Jamie Bulger said the BBC’s decision to do what was 'utter madness’?
19. Who said he pushed his body to 'extreme hedonistic limits’ and likened his drinking 'to the kid who opens all his presents too early on Christmas morning’?
20. Which UK football club announced it was up for sale ‘to give the club the best possible opportunity of securing the positioning and investment necessary to take it to the next level’?
21. Who was trolled on social media after being pictured wearing jeans and heeled boots on her first day at university?
22. Colonel Richard Kemp, the former commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan, said the sale of what in schools was ‘misguided’?
23. Who cancelled concerts in Asia after 'a bit of a bicycle accident’?
24.  Lady Somerleyton lost a gold, diamond and emerald art deco pendant in which supermarket?
25. According to the Met Office, the red sun seen by many people in the UK was caused by winds pulling up dust which was reflected and refracted in longer wavelengths. Where dd the Met Ofiice say the dust was from?

Answers here

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