Friday, 16 February 2018

Claudia wins the newsquiz Champagne

Farewell to the Australian trainees. Greta Levy, Nicole Pierre, Claudia Poposki (with the Champagne), Holly Hales, Cait Kelly and Sam Lock
I said goodbye to the Daily Mail Australia trainees today after five weeks of training. We spent the last few days getting them ready for their arrival in the newsroom on Monday. Connie Sideras and Katie Camilleri gave them their rotas, told them who their mentors would be and talked about office practicalities. The trainees also got more stories published. Sam Lock spoke to the couple who have given away 10,000 items of clothing to Sydney's homeless and wrote this piece.

Claudi Poposki spotted it was the tenth anniversary of Kevin Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generation and looked at whether indigenous affairs had improved. Her story is here.

Claudia also had a story on whether meal deliveries were worth the money published on Femail. You can read it here. 

Greta Levy told the story of an Aussie adventurer who braved bullets and bombs as he trekked across Afghanistan. Her story is here

Holly Hales also got the banner on Travel with her story about sleeping under the stars in an Indian reservation in Monument Valley. 

We finished with the final newsquiz. Holly and Claudia both scored ten points which meant that Claudia was the overall winner over the five weeks and collected the Champagne. Well done to her. Holly was in second place, a mere 1.5 points behind Claudia. Have a go and see if you can do better.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the trainees. They are a bright, social and lively bunch with great careers ahead. I wish them well.

1. Next week Malcolm Turnbull is in America, Barnaby Joyce is taking leave, so who will be acting Prime Minister?
2. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said: 'I do not care whether they are married or single, I don't care. They must not have ____ ____ with their staff, that's it.’ What are the missing two words?
3. What was the name of the P&O cruise ship where a brawl broke out among passengers and forced it to return early from a three-night round trip from Sydney?
4. Australian snowboarder Scotty James revealed he was listening to a song by which band during the run which netted him a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics?
5. All winning athletes at the Winter Olympics are given a token prize before the official medal ceremony. What do they receive?
6. Which former Australian Olympian was accused of being racist when she said of Chinese skiers that ‘they all look the same, they're very hard to tell who's who’?
7. Bikie Mahmoud ‘Mick’ Hawi was shot in the face, outside which gym in Rockdale?
8. A former Hells Angel bikie Benjamin 'Notorious' Geppert, and his heavily-tattooed Instagram star girlfriend were thrown off which island resort following birthday celebrations?
9. What was the full name of the school in Florida where a gunman in a gasmask killed 17 pupils?
10. Who posted a picture of himself and his new wife showing off their wedding rings with the message 'We're the motherf***ing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of love’?
11. Why was 24-year-old Momena Shoma in the headlines?
12. Who tweeted: 'An expert panel is being formed by the city of Sydney to help advise on how best to resuscitate our city's deceased nightlife.  F**k it I'm in !!!'
13. Why were commuters in Sydney hit by extensive delays and train cancellations in Sydney on Tuesday?
14. American Jose Manuel Polanco Jr has been charged with manslaughter of Melbourne man Benjamin Robb after an altercation in a red light district in which country?
15. The family of plumber Ben Jenkins have been asked to leave their home by people in Toodyay who call themselves the town's 'Good and Decent Citizens’. What did Jenkins do?
16. Who passed away 'peacefully in his sleep' at 11.18pm on Tuesday at Fredensborg Palace?
17. Cyril Ramaphosa became which country’s new president?
18. Two Brits joined I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. One won the British version and the other worked for the Royal family. Name either of them.
19. Why was Arthur Kelekolio in the headlines?
20. What will receive a facelift in October with new features including a top-to-bottom clear window, a unique species of native Australian wattle and a black swan?
21. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to remain in office after police recommended he should be indicted after it was alleged he took bribes from which Australian billionaire?
22. Torrential winds tore apart the movie screen at Moonlight Cinemas in Sydney on Wednesday evening, leaving at least one person injured. What film was due to be shown?
23. How did brothers Stuart and Jason Hill die?
24. Davina Rankin was labelled as Married At First Sight's 'villain' bride for initiating a romance with which 
married contestant?
25. Notes were put on a vehicle parked in the Sydney surburb of Mosman that said 'Could you please move this piece of s*** off our road. It's an embarrassment to residents.’ and ‘this vehicle may not be pretty, but what is certainly ugly are the comments attached to it.’ What was the vehicle?

Answers here

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