Saturday, 17 February 2018

Here's the newsquiz ...

Here is this week's newsquiz. Apologies that it is later than usual - I have been in the air for the last 25 hours. Last week's top scorer was Liz Gerard with a strong 21 points, narrowly ahead of Janet Boyle on 20. The Penman Partnership were the top team, also with 20. Here's this week's quiz. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.  

1. What was the full name of the school in Florida where a gunman in a gas mask killed 17 pupils?
2. In a joint Press conference with Theresa May in Munich, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said about Brexit 'I am not frustrated. I am ____  how Great Britain imagines our relationship to be’. What is the missing word?

3. In his speech in central London this week Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Brexit was not 'some great V-sign' from where?
4. Labour MP Heidi Alexander said more than how many people had emailed to demand the party establishes a dedicated Brexit policy commission?
5. Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey called on shadow chancellor John McDonnell to apologise for a 2014 joke suggesting she should be what?
6. How many Russians have been criminally charged for interfering in the 2016 US election to help Donald Trump?
7. Who did James Heap claim to have punched in the face when he was 14?
8. How did brothers Stuart and Jason Hill die?
9. UKIP leader Henry Bolton complained about the scrutiny of his private life saying 'there’s probably been nothing like that since the  ____ ____or Diana and Dodi.’ What are the missing two words?
10. Why was BBC Look North presenter Christa Ackroyd in the headlines?
11. Which former professional footballer’s family issued a statement asking that 'privacy be respected and unwarranted speculation should please cease' following the conviction of ex-coach Barry Bennell?
12. Dom Parsons became the first Briton to win a medal in the South Korea Winter Olympics in an event he turned to as a hangover cure. What is the event?
13. Who split up with her husband, Justin Theroux, after two and a half years of marriage?
14. Cyril Ramaphosa became which country’s new president?
15. Who  passed away 'peacefully in his sleep' at 11.18pm on Tuesday at Fredensborg Palace?
16. Couple Reeta Herzallah and Hamdi Almasri were fined £770 each by Leicester magistrates for trying to hide what?
17. Four West Bromwich Albion footballers apologised for taking what while in Barcelona?
18. Whose restaurants were revealed to have debts of 71.5 million, including owing staff 2.2 million? 
19. Who vowed to remain in office after police recommended he should be indicted after it was alleged he took bribes from Australian billionaire James Packer?
20. Why was London City Airport closed on Sunday and Monday?
21. Students at which university were told to take down a video for their May Ball after dons were concerned it was 'overly sexualised’?
22. Actress Minnie Driver and Bishop Desmond Tutu stepped down from which roles?
23. According to analysts Mintel, a quarter of all men between 16 and 34 bought what fashion item last year, an increase from 16 per cent in 2016? 
24. The Queen has banned what from all royal residences?
25. Southeastern temporarily changed the name of one of its London stations on Tuesday to what?

Answers here

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