Friday, 10 August 2018

Test your knowledge with the newsquiz

The runaway top solo scorer in last week’s newsquiz was Tom Savage with a score of 20, well ahead of second placed Ginger Elvis on 15. Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe and a House Full of Penmans were the joint top teams with 16, narrowly ahead of Louise Hart and Joe on 15. Here’s this week’s quiz - as usual 25 questions about the week's events. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. 

Today's front pages

1. In his Daily Telegraph column, Tory MP Boris Johnson said of women wearing face-covering veils: ‘I would go further and say it is absolutely ridiculous people should choose to go around looking like____ ____.’ What are the two missing words?
2. Which former Conservative minister said of Boris Johnson: 'If he were to become leader of the party, I for one wouldn’t be in it. I don’t regard him as a fit and proper person to lead a political party and certainly not the Conservative party’?
3. Twitter users mounted a campaign with what hashtag after Labour’s deputy leader warned that the party faced a 'vortex of eternal shame' unless it got to grips with the anti-semitism issue?
4. Vandals spray painted ‘posh scum’ on windows at the home of Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and left what on the bonnet of his car?
5. In a letter to the Home Office, the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners said that what will put public safety at risk and reduce policing capacity in Britain? 
6. DUP MP Ian Paisley is facing a possible by-election after he was suspended from the House of Commons for failing to register family holidays which were paid for by which country?
7. Three members of a Rochdale grooming gang face deportation to which country after court of appeal judges upheld a decision to strip them of their British citizenship?
8. England cricketer Ben Stokes and two men he brawled with outside a nightclub, Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale, appeared in court in Bristol facing charges of what offence?
9. NHS data showed that admissions to hospital by girls afflicted by what had almost doubled in the last 20 years - 7,327 in 1997, compared to 13,463 in 2017? 
10. A 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck which Indonesian island killing more than 340 people?
11. Why was 22-year-old Georgia Hall from Bournemouth in the headlines?
12. Which retail chain is to file for voluntary insolvency with the closure of between 60 and 80 stores and the likely loss of about 1,000 jobs?
13. Britain’s richest man, petrochemical engineer Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is reported to be leaving the UK and moving to where?
14. The Duke of Cambridge and Prime Minister Theresa May attended commemorations in northern France to mark the centenary of which battle?
15. Dina Asher-Smith set a new British record to win a European Championships' gold medal in which event?
16. A nine-year-old girl died when rocks fell from a cliff at a beach in which North Yorkshire seaside village?
17. What did doctors say was partly to blame for a record number of people, 2.2 million, seeking emergency help from the NHS in July?
18. Spain's defence ministry is investigating after one of its fighter jets accidentally fired a missile over which country during a training mission?
19. Joël Robuchon, who died age 73, had more Michelin Guide stars than any chef in the world. How many did he have?
20. Which company announced it is to increase prices for 3.5 million customers by 3.8 per cent? 
21. Surrey police apologised for 'fundamental failures’ which led to the collapse of whose trial?
22. Three players joined Premier League clubs during the transfer window for a reported fee of £60 million or more. The players are Kepa (£71m), Alisson (£66m) and Riyad Mahrez (£60m). Name the three clubs they joined. Half a point for two, one point for all three.
23. Which company announced it has received a £10million emergency cash injection from a consortium of high-profile technology shareholders to save it from going bust?
24. Comedian Barry Chuckle died at the age of 73. What was his real surname?
25. Actor Brad Pitt’s lawyers denied claims by estranged wife Angelina Jolie that he has failed to support their children, saying in court he had paid more than $1.3m in costs and loaned how many dollars to help her buy a house?

Answers here

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