Friday, 5 February 2010

Clients from hell

Thanks to designer Steve Cowell of Steve Cowell Associates for the following exchange.

Client: “We like the green, but it’s just a little too green. Can you use our green?”
Me: “That is your green.”
Client: “Oh, well it looks more limey. We want it more like our green.”
Me: “The limey green is your green. It is exactly what is used on your logo type.”
Client: “Oh, okay, well then can you change it by one?”
Me: “One what? Do you want it lighter, or darker?”
Client: “No, just change it by one.”
Me: “I don’t understand what ‘change it by one’ means. I can make it lighter, darker, more yellow, more cyan… But when I change it, it’s not going to be the same as your corporate green.”
Client: “Okay, well let’s just change it by one and have a look.”

Welcome to my world!

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