Monday, 8 February 2010

Radical revenue ideas

Hull Daily Mail this week - running a subbing and layout course for members of the hub. Might try to take in Derby v Newcastle on Tuesday. Also putting together a 24-page Champions League supplement for the Irish Examiner and writing an article on 'radical revenue ideas for newspapers' for InPublishing magazine.  The idea was inspired by Will Lewis's team in Euston who are charged with, among other things, using the Telegraph brand to "capitalise on cutting-edge ideas, driving new revenue streams by better serving our customers". This is proving a tough one to write. If anyone has come across really innovative ways for newspapers to make money, I'd love to hear them (but then, I guess, wouldn't everyone).

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  1. Yes, but the really interesting thing about the Telegraph is that they've now realised it's about monetising channels. Building loyalty and products around specific interest areas. Look at the way they've concentrated on building audience around Hilary TV - their fashion channel which has about 10,000 followers. It's all about the niche.