Friday, 19 February 2010

Great picture - 12 different layouts

One picture dominated the American front pages this week - Lindsey Vonn's look of elation as she crossed the line to collect Gold in the women's Olympic downhill. Most of the papers used it ... but at different sizes, in different positions and with different crops. In our Training tips we look at 12 front pages and their different approaches.


  1. Yes, what a great from page from The State, even if the titlepiece is in danger of disappearing. And, overall, what a dull set of headlines on such an upbeat story.

  2. Very good point ... 'US strikes gold' must have taken a bit of thought-time.

  3. ...but at least it's to the point. 'Feeling no pain' gets my vote as the most negative headline it's possible to put on this story.