Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hillsborough front pages: The truth and lies

This is the page Liverpool has been waiting 23 years for. The Sun finally says it is 'profoundly sorry' for its ill-judged page (below).

The word sorry isn't as big as many would have liked - no surprise there - but it's a full apology nonetheless. For me, The Northern Echo sums it all up brilliantly ... instead of The Truth it simply carries the headline The Lies. Maybe The Sun should have done the same.
The Sheffield Star points the finger with a powerful headline and picture.

The Mail uses pictures of all 96 victims - a strong reminder of what this story is really all about.

The Independent and Mirror also have powerful pages based on the Sun's original The Truth headline.

The Western Mail has a poignant cover too.

I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised that the Express decides that another immigration story is more important.
But I am totally bemused by The Daily Telegraph's decision to make no mention of Hillsborough at all on Page 1. What were they thinking?
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  1. The Daily Express going for so headline about imigrants is nothing more than I expect from a newspaper that is aimed at those twitch their curtains. As for the Telegraph, I can only imagine that its target audience would prefer not to be reminded of the Tory view of the disaster at the time which was inn line with the original and offensive Sun headline.