Saturday, 29 September 2012

This week's newsquiz. Can you beat Ben's 15?

The Daily Mail trainee reporters all went off to their placements this week. I spent my time at the Press Association's Training's Manor in Howden with the trainee subs. We had an intensive week dealing with the nitty gritty of subbing, lots of pronouns, style points and writing publishable headlines - so we all needed a couple of drinks in the Wellington along the way. The Daily Telegraph trainees, also in the Manor, were with Paul Jones, David Banks, Tony Johnston and the paper's assistant editor Richard Preston. Yesterday both groups got together for the usual end of week quiz ... and the competition between the papers was certainly healthy. The Telegraph's Ben Riley-Smith won it with 15 points, closely followed by the Mail's Lauren York on 14.5 and Rhiannon Williams with 14. The quiz got a nice mention by Roy Greenslade in his Guardian blog last week. It's worth looking at, not least for the comments. Apparently the quiz is to blame for the country's economy being on the rocks. Wow ... I never knew it was so influential. Anyway, Roy managed a decent score of 13. The Mail newsdesk also had a crack and the top score was 14. So, well done trainees Lauren Davis (16) and Francesca Infante (15) who both did better. This week there are three bonuses, so a possible 23 points. I thought it was much easier than usual ... but not everyone agreed. See how you get on.

Dodgy dress? Question 9. Picture by PA

1. At which school did Jeremy Forrest teach maths to Megan Stammers?
2. According to Policy Exchange, how much does it cost each day to tag an offender?
3. According to a survey of 3,000 British consumers, Apple is now the coolest brand in the UK. Which brand did it knock off the top spot?
4. Which British actor won the 'best actor' at the Emmys?
5. The Queen has bought a set of prints of herself by which artist?
6. According to the census, which British seaside resort has the most people over the age of 100 per head of population? 
7. David Cameron was asked, on Letterman, who composed Rule Brittania and answered Elgar. What is the correct answer?
8. Who is the MP for Sutton Coldfield?
9. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dress she thought had been made on the island where she was attending a function. It had, in fact, been made on another island. Name both islands.
10. Which British newspaper is known as the Thunderer and runs a column of that name?
11. Justin Lee Collins is facing charges of harassment at which court?
12. The makers of the popular game Angry Birds have launched a new game. What is it called?
13. Who asked the question 'why don't aeroplane windows open?'
14. Which racing team will Lewis Hamilton be driving for next season?
15. LIBOR was in the news again. What does it stand for?
16. Whose press conference was cancelled when only one journalist turned up?
17. Name the Chicago golf course where the Ryder Cup is being played.
18. What's the name of J.K. Rowling's first adult novel? For a bonus point, name the publisher.
19. York was badly hit by the floods. Which river runs through the middle of the city?
20. Abu Hamza lost his appeal against extradition in the European Court of Human Rights. In which city is the court based? For a bonus, which BBC reporter inadvertently revealed the Queen's concerns about Abu Hamza?

Answers here

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