Saturday, 6 October 2012

Wow ... Helen scores astonishing 19 in newsquiz

Ed Miliband in full conference flow (Q3). Picture by PA
Well done to Daily Mail trainee Helen Lawson who scored a hugely impressive 19 out of 21 in this week's newsquiz. Astonishing result. She was closely followed by Lauren Davis with 18. The top Telegraph trainee was, once again, Ben Riley-Smith with 17, the same score as the Mail's Andrew Magee.
There were great scores all round. I like to think it is because the trainees are now reading the papers in detail ... and not just that the questions are easier. Have a crack at it and make your own mind up. 

1. In which city were two diners banned from an all-you-can eat restaurant for eating too much?

2. In the annual pre-Labour conference football match the MPs beat the journalists 3-0. Who scored twice?

3. Ed Miliband earned positive acclaim for his closing 'One Nation' speech at the Labour party conference. What is the FULL name of the novel by Benjamin Disraeli to which he was referring?

4. It's the Conservative Party conference next week. In which city will it be held?

5. Sir Roger Moore has urged customers to boycott Fortnum and Mason until they stop selling which product?

6. Trail-blazing chief executive Marjorie Scardino's retirement from Pearson, owners of the Financial Times, means that there will now be how many women chief execs of FTSE 100 companies?

7. The Transport Secretary pulled the plug on the bidding process to run trains on the West Coast rail link. Who is the Transport Secretary?

8. A memorial plaque at the former home of Sir Jimmy Savile has been removed after it was defaced with graffiti. In which town was the plaque?

9. In the film Skyfall James Bond's favourite tipple, vodka martini, is replaced by which 'placed product'?

10. Who took to the stage wearing red court shoes from Hobbs, a navy Joseph dress and a red dragon brooch?

11. The MP for Leicester East has been making the headlines again. Who is the MP for Leicester East?

12. What will Daily Telegraph journalist Henry Winter be doing at 11am this Sunday?

13. Which company was criticised for airbushing women out of its Saudi Arabian catalogue?

14. Women's Minister Maria Miller has called for the legal abortion limit to be reduced to 20 weeks. What is the current legal limit?

15. Mitt Romney was widely recognised as having outscored Barak Obama in the first presidential debate. In which university was the debate held? And for a bonus point what date will the American presidential elections be held?

16. The prime minister of which country said we are "a state capable of defending its citizens and borders. Nobody should try and test our determination on this subject.”

17. Chief executive Philip Clarke was under pressure for presiding over his company's first drop in UK profits for 25 years. What is his company?

18. Who was captain of the triumphant European Ryder Cup team?

19. Who claims to have more than 1 billion active members?

20. Whose Strictly Come Dancing partner had to pullout after fracturing an ankle in rehearsals?

Answers here

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