Friday, 26 October 2012

Final newsquiz: Ben wins the Champagne

Me (left) and colleagues Tony Johnston and Mike Watson (far right) with Telegraph trainees Rhiannon Williams, Ben Riley-Smith (with his Champagne), Olivia Goldhill, Theo Merz, Radhika Sanghani and Dan Johnson.
I said goodbye to the Telegraph trainees this week. Their final task, at the end of a seven-week training programme at PA in Howden, was to put together a project on how the Telegraph might cover the 2015 election. They created a new print supplement, a radically new online approach and put together an interactive working app. Yesterday they presented it all to Telegraph executives in Victoria. It was all very impressive. They now head off on secondment to regional newspapers or to the Press Association. They are a bright bunch and good characters. I wish them well. We finished, as ever, with the newsquiz followed by farewell drinks in the Brass Monkey. Ben Riley-Smith and Dan Johnson were joint winners, both scoring a less than average 10.5. They were steeped in their project this week, so didn't really get the chance to study the papers. Understandable but, as they know, not really an excuse. Ben collected the Champagne for being top over the seven weeks - 8.5 points ahead of second placed Dan. Anyway, there are 22 questions. Three have a bonus so there are 25 points up for grabs. See how you do. As the diploma season is over, this is the last of the weekly quizzes. Hope you enjoyed them.

1. The Culture Secretary wrote to the chairman of the BBC Trust to say the Jimmy Savile affair had raised 'very real concerns' about public confidence in the BBC. Who is the Culture Secretary and who is the chairman of the BBC Trust? One point for each.

2. Exactly how much did comedian Frankie Boyle win in libel damages against The Mirror?

3. How long was soccer thug Aaron Cawley jailed for? For a bonus, which two teams were playing in the game when he assaulted goalkeeper Chris Kirkland?

4. In the latest Superman comic, Clark Kent quits his job as a reporter on the Daily Planet after a showdown with its publisher. Who is the publisher of the Daily Planet?

5. Who is the MP for North West Hampshire?

6. According to the Environment Secretary, bad weather and the Olympics are to blame for what?

7. Which store has defended its policy on restricting staff from displaying tattoos and piercings?

8. Trinity Mirror has merged its regional and daily titles. Who is the chief executive of Trinity Mirror?

9. Who visited Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy wearing a t-shirt that said 'I am Julian Assange'?

10. Barack Obama told supporters at a Florida rally that America had a choice between "reckless and wrong or ...... and ....... ". Fill in the two missing words. A half point for each.

11. Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison resigned from which police force?

12. Why was Pauline Bailey in the headlines?

13. Ford is closing its factory in Southampton and moving the manufacture of all Transit vans to which country?

14. Former policeman Michael Upson contravened a 1981 Act. What did he do?

15. Pippa Middleton's book was published this week. What is it called?

16. Who rode Frankel in his final race?

17. What, in a Tweet, did David Cameron say 'was healing'?

18. The FSA has said what is a ticking time bomb?

19. Who had their Olympic medals stolen after attending an event at Buckingham Palace. One point each.

20. Name the Category 2 hurricane which is sweeping through the Caribbean?

21. Nike has sold a sports clothing brand which provided the shirts for England's 1966 World Cup win. What is the brand called?

22. Ceefax signed off this week. Which year did it start broadcasting?

Answers here

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