Friday, 12 October 2012

The newsquiz: Ellie's 18.5 to beat

The Mail and Telegraph trainees with Mike Watson and me at the Manor
I have been with the Telegraph trainees in PA Training's Manor at Howden this week, talking about subbing, headlines and laying out pages. The Daily Mail subbing trainees have been with trainers Tony Johnston and Mike Watson and enjoyed a photography session with the MD of Press Association Images, Martin Stephens. Today the Telegraph trainees are off to the Newcastle Chronicle and Journal offices and the Mail subs are off to the Hull Daily Mail. This meant we did the newsquiz yesterday. Well done to Ellie Buchdahl who won with an impressive 18.5 out of 23. She was closely followed by Olivia Williams and Josephine Forster on 17. Top Telegraph trainee was Rhiannon Williams with 16.5. There are 23 points up for grabs this week, 21 questions with a bonus on Q6 and Q13. See how you do.

1.  An elderly Bedford couple bought more than they bargained for from a car boot sale. What did they buy?

2.  A teenage girl had part of her stomach removed after drinking liquid nitrogen at a cocktail bar in which town?

3. David Cameron joined Twitter at the weekend. In his very first Tweet what did he promise?

4.  Gary Lineker apologised for his remark after a goal was scored during the Schalke v Montpellier football match. What did he say?

5. Hugo Chavez has been re-elected president of which country?

6. A controversial book has made allegations of a menage a trois involving France's first lady and former minister Patrick Devedjian. Name the book and, for a bonus, name France's first lady.

7. Spain has had its credit rating downgraded by which finance agency?

8. Who announced an intention to be the first professional musician to sing in space?

9. One of the three members of the punk band Pussy Riot has been released from prison, two are still in jail. How long do they have to serve?

10. Which car maker has recalled 7.4 million cars worldwide?

11. Following Newcastle United's sponsorship By Wonga, some of the team's players may have a problem wearing the new shirt. What law do they fear they might be breaking?

12. Who announced on Twitter that she was expecting a baby in May?

13. Which company has been called 'immoral' having paid only £238,000 in tax. And, for a bonus, Elton John lost his libel case at the High Court after which newspaper carried a series of articles about his tax affairs?

14. Why was 25-year-old Mike Jones in the headlines?

15. Prince William left his wife to carry out public duties in the North-East so he could attend the funeral of his former nanny. What was her name?

16. Jimmy Savile's gravestone has been removed in respect of others buried at the same cemetery.  What did the quote at the bottom of the headstone say?

17. Boris Johnson said: "If I am a mop then, Dave you are a ...." What is the missing word?

18. Scotland Yard policewoman Katherine Keohane won more than £11,000 after her sniffer dog was given to another officer when she became pregnant. Name the dog.

19. What is Le Froglet?

20. Name the £50m Mark Rothko painting damaged by a visitor to the Tate Modern.

21. Which celebrity had his fish cafe in Brighton broken into and the safe stolen?

Answers here

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