Friday, 27 September 2013

The news quiz. Raz's impressive 19 to beat

The Daily Mail subbing trainees had a break from me this week and spent their time learning about features with Fiona Webster and about Photoshop and InDesign with Mike Brough. The Daily Telegraph trainees were honing their writing skills with Paul Jones and doing intensive media law with David Banks. Today they finished with the news quiz. Congratulations to the Telegraph's Raz Akkoc who scored a very impressive 19 out of 23. Last week's winner Mehreen Khan came second with 18. Top scoring Mail trainee was Tom Leece with 16.5. A very high scoring week. Was it because the quiz was easier - or because the trainees are reading the paper in more detail? I'd like to think it's the latter. See if you can beat 19 ... a tough call.

Yvette Cooper addresses the Labour conference (Q2). Pic by PA

1. Why was Natalie Faye Webb in the headlines?
2. At the Labour party conference Ed Miliband said he would freeze energy bills, causing which company to immediately say it would quit the UK as it would 'not be economically viable to continue'?
For a bonus, Yvette Cooper said a Labour government would have a 'zero tolerance' to domestic violence. What is Cooper's position in the Shadow Cabinet?
3. Angela Merkel swept to a third term as German Chancellor - what is the name of her party? (in English)
4. The first Premier League managerial casualty of the season was sacked after only five games. Who was he?
5. The responsibility for the attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi was claimed by a group, part of the Al Qaeda network, based in neighbouring Somalia. What is its name?

For a bonus, the son of the former Kenyan security minister has told how he led an American family and others to safety in the Mall. What is his name?
6. Spin doctor Damian McBride's has revealed the inner workings of Gordon Brown's time in Government but what is the full name of his book?
For a bonus, McBride's publisher Iain Dale was videoed scrapping with a man on Brighton sea front. What was the man protesting about?
7. Jeff Daniels won best actor at the Emmys for his role in which television drama?
8. The Queen was pictured sitting with John Key, the New Zealand prime minister, in a cluttered living room with photo frames, toy dogs and an electric heater. Where was the picture taken?
9. Heston Blumenthal was awarded another Michelin Guide star, bringing his total to how many?
10. Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine revealed her husband declined to appear on Desert Island Discs because he couldn't decide which Richard Wagner work to choose. Who is Sarah Vine's husband?
11. Daily Telegraph columnist Fraser Nelson also edits which magazine?
12. Stephen Lee has been banned for match fixing by the World Professional Billards and Snooker Association. How long is his ban?
13. What temperature did BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood forecast (wrongly) that it was going to be in Norwich on Wednesday?
14. Shoppers will soon be able to order goods from eBay and pick them up from where?

15. Usain Bolt has signed an extended £6million a year contract with which company?
16. Blackberry has agreed to be sold for £3billion to a consortium led by which company?
17. The America's Cup saw one of the most remarkable sporting comebacks of all time, with America beating New Zealand 9-8 after being 8-1 down. Where was the race held?
18. A new James Bond novel, written by William Boyd, was published this week. What is it called?
19. Who was photographed wearing 'a £245 Bassey Jacquard floral print dress and LK Bennett shoes'?
20. Former teacher Victoria Meppen-Walter committed suicide, blaming a doctor for leaving her scarred and in agony. What was the name of the renowned clinic were the operation took place.

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